Take out all your weapons from the dens because the harshest summer of the last five years is here. This means humidity, stuffiness and A LOT of sweat. Intense heat like this leads to dehydration, messed up digestive systems and fatigue. And it’s not getting better anytime soon.

But, but, but… You don’t have go into a frenzy because we have the perfect weapon to combat this weather with; FRUITS. Along with the intense heat, summers (thankfully) brings a huge amount of fruits with itself that can be transformed into juices and gulped down.

Thus, here we have brought you some of the best summer drinks that would help you beat the heat and stay hydrated and fresh!

1.      Mango Smoothie

Being the king of summer fruits, mango rightfully deserves to be on the first place here. The reason why us Pakistanis wait for summers all the year round is because of mangoes. A cool and icy mango smoothie is all you need to quench your thirst. The drink is quick and easy to make and would keep your insides cool for a long period of time. There’s one catch though. While preparing for the drink, make sure you keep wash cloths near you, as mangoes can create a little mess.

2.      Lassi

This drink here doesn’t need any introduction. The mother of all desi drinks, you can trust a lassi to keep you cool and refreshed through out the day. Made of yoghurt, a cold glass of lassi would keep you energized and make up for the sodium you lost in the sweltering sun.

3.      Shikanjabeen

Too dehydrated from the hot day you had outside? It’s time to make yourself a glass of the classic summer-down Shikanjabeen, modernly known as mint lemonade. A glass of the zesty and minty drink would give you your daily dose of H20 and keep you revitalized in this torturously hot temperature.

4.      Watermelon Slush

Ever heard of a drink that both refreshes you as well as protects you from various health hazards? Well, if you haven’t, behold. It’s the all glorious watermelon slush. Watermelon is made of 92% water and contains Vitamin A and C which protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. The sweet and pink fruit crushed and chilled in a glass is nothing less than a blessing in this weather.

5.      Gannay ka juice

The sugarcane juice, popularly known as ‘gannay ka juice’ is the nation’s favorite drink. You would find a stall selling sugarcane juice in every street. The drink has a lot of health benefits like it’s helpful for weight-loss and is an organic cure for diabetes. So ladies, if you want to get into all your dresses from the previous year, just start drinking lots of sugarcane juice!

6.      Plum Juice

Summer, as discussed above, brings lots of fruits with itself that are amazingly nutritious and delicious. One of wonders of the season is plum (aloobukhara), which is both tasty and healthy. The fruit has a lot of benefits, the most popular amongst them being improving digestion. Although the fruit is used in a lot of dishes like pickles and jams, it is best served as a drink; refreshing and energizing. Plum juice would be a unique drink to serve to your summer guests. Add aesthetics to the presentation by some matching table cloths to accompany.

7.      Thadal

Originated from the deserts of Sindh, Thadal is a unique drink that is made from a number of ingredients; rose essence, nuts, fennel seeds, chaar magaz, poppy seeds, cumin seeds greed cardamom, almonds, water and sugar. Popular across Sindh, the drink is refreshing, healthy and can be easily made at home! If you’re planning a trip to the Interiors soon, you have to try this!

Sweaty and tiring summers can be brightened up with these colorful and tasty drinks. So, if you haven’t had any of these yet, do it now! You don’t want to miss out on the best part of summers.