Giving all the other four seasons a run for the money, the wedding season is the most awaited season of the year. Period.

Now that it is officially here, all Ideas stores are bustling with potential brides and wedding guests picking and choosing wedding bedding sets. For an event as auspicious as matrimony, Ideas Home does not just celebrate it with you, but also makes sure that it’s all things perfect for you with their collection of the best bridal bed sheets for 2019.

The tradition of giving bridal bed sets to newlyweds goes back to years. Previously, brides would receive gifts the likes of table linen, bed linen, quilts, and clothing. As times passed, trends throughout the world changed, several traditions grew outdated and gifts became redundant. However, one trend that stayed constant through all these years was gifting high-quality home decorations, including bridal bed sets to the newly-weds.

Bed sheets at Ideas Home are made of premium quality fabric which is made of 100% cotton, made from high-quality yarn. The feel of the fabric is soft and cozy, promising long and uninterrupted hours of sleep. However, it’s not just the fabric that is the star of the bridal bed sets, it’s the beautiful floral designs and patterns.

The Wedding Vaganza Collection 2019 fuses the magic and beauty of nature in its designs with their state-of-the-art technology, special expertise and unparalleled performance of fabrics. All these combined, create a winning combination of fine and trendy bridal bed sets. The rich colors these bridal bed sets sports are classic with hints of sophistication and elegance. Our fancy bridal bed sheets are popular, not only for its splendidness but also for comfort.

In this modernized era of fashion and style, it has become crucial to be acquainted with the latest trends. Your home, like your clothes, is an embodiment of your unique style and personality. Thus, for all those looking for the key to true elegance, Ideas Home offers a premium range of bridal bed sets that are delightfully soft and inviting. To bring out the best in your home, Ideas Home brings you the perfect deep, rich and warm palate to go for. Browns, blues, reds, and plums are the most eye-catching colors in winters.

At Ideas Home, all the bed sheets are in line with the fashions and trends, worldwide. Our bedsheets have the best colors, designs, and fabric. You name it. We have three main varieties when it comes to the Collection of Bridal Bed Sets; Chenille, Jacquard, and Velvet.

Chenille Bed Set

The Chenille bed sheets are made of the unique Chenille fabric, designed to give your new room an exclusive and refreshing look. These bed sheets are popular for the incomparable softness of its fabric, similar to that of velvet. Designed by Ideas Home, its feathery and comfy feel does not only perfectly match your requirements but also surpass your expectations. This work of art by Ideas is made to perfection. Along with a royal look, the bed set consists of microfibers making the bedding durable and promising a long night’s sleep.

Pack set includes: 8 pieces

1 Bed Spread 

2 Pillow Cases

2 Cushion Covers

1 Flat Sheet

2 Sheet Pillow Cases

Jacquard Bedding:

The classic Jacquard bedding by Ideas Man is a timeless collection that adds lavishness to your room. The fabric greets greater durability & smoothness. Our Bridal Bed Sets are subtle yet stylish giving your room a trendy essence. The fabric leaves a caressing sense of finesse with superb finishing & a spectacular texture. An ultra-luxury product, Jacquard features a raised pattern that is woven (instead of printed) onto the fabric. Popular Jacquard designs include damasks, florals, and geometrics. The textured fabric has varying drape-ability and durability depending on the fibers used. Check out one of our design Espresso and you’d be convinced that it’s all you need to complete your wedding bedding.

Pack set includes: 8 pieces

1 Bedspread

1 Plain dyed sheet

2 Pillowcases

2 Sheet pillowcases

2 Cushion covers

Velveteen Bedding:

Ideas Home Collection brings you a series of bedcovers made out of Korean velvet, featuring soft feel and dynamic designs. The design of the fabric is embossed printing; as the craft’s name suggests, the pattern looks embossed on velvet. A set of Velveteen bedcover will decorate your bedroom and keep it warm. Have a look at our Baltic design, and you will realize that it’s all you need to keep your bedroom lush.  

Pack set includes: 5 pieces

1 Bed cover

2 Pillow covers

2 Cushion covers

Trendy and fancy bridal bed sheets by Ideas Home are the perfect wedding gift you can gift to someone or vice versa. You can even get them for yourself to experience the touch of comfort and luxury. Oh wait! There’s good news. Our bridal bedding is available on a discount, thanks to our Summer Sale 2019. Visit our website today and grab your favorite pieces before they are sold out!