When it comes to styling there’s one thing that can make or break an outfit. It’s not makeup, or the pants you’re wearing. It’s those things that separate you from the ground you’re on. That elevate you, you know?


I’ll spill the tea, I’m talking about footwear.


What I’m trying to get to, is that footwear is so important. A good pair of shoes can elevate your look and a poorly chosen pair can break it.


But before you stress out over the last point regarding footwear, can I just say, how innovative are we for turning something so practical and necessary into works of art?


Here at Ideas we’re constantly revisiting the drawing board and thinking about the most important factors when it comes to ladies footwear in regards to comfort and style and we sincerely hope that this post inspires you to break out that shoe in the back, the one you’ve been consistently eyeing but not sure what to do with.


Neutrals are never out of fashion, it’s the way you dress them up or down that speaks volumes, but let’s say hypothetically that neutrals are extremely on-trend right now, even more so: neutral footwear. Are you a little stumped as to how to style them?

Well, nothing feels more put together than a monochrome outfit, comprised of neutrals. Let’s for example, take a shade of beige like: Camel.

For this outfit, I’m thinking light beige cigarette pants and a soft, caramel colored cashmere sweater with your hair up - à la ballerina style or even let down with a darker beige beret

(How french!)

The trick with monochrome outfits is to play around with different shades of the same color (incorporate that with footwear in mind too!), you can add even more interest by playing with different textures and for more daring stylists you can go lighter as you ascend, i.e navy blue flat sandals, blue pants, baby blue button down and a light blue scarf.

Navy Blue

*For when your closet is filled with black but you’re eager to try new things* (Like our footwear)


You know how everyone’s obsessed with the color black? Well, it’s a shame really, because it’s close cousin: navy blue, is missing out on all the fun.

Let’s change things up this season by reevaluating our favorite go to color and give navy a chance, it’s an updated version of your classic black and adds a little color without killing your vibe.


Pro tip, pair our navy footwear/shoes with matching navy pants and a mustard yellow top if you’re a little more comfortable with color and watch those compliments roll in.


Remember how the 90’s was filled with feather boas and bubble gum dresses, a kind of more rebellious take to 60’s homemaker fashion?

Well we found a way to channel that without feeling like we’re from a different century.




Try on our white furry flats for a throwback that is both trendy and cute as heck. Dare to pair this feature from our footwear’s sandal collection with something made of tulle and we can pretend we’re having a tea party in your childhood bedroom.


You know plaid and check is super on trend right now?

Right who am I kidding, of course you do, you’ve only seen them on pants everywhere but have you ever wondered what kind of footwear you would wear with them?

I’ve got you, queue the drumroll please!






Why am I going the extra mile? Well loafers have been taunted for too long, by too many people who think they’re too preppy for everyday wear and let me be the voice of reason that disagrees. With new variations to the traditional Penny Loafer and the use of different materials, loafers have become so versatile and COMFY. It’s no wonder they’re a closet staple, even now.


Pair them with skinnies for a more updated look and to let your footwear stand out or go all the way and rock those plaid slacks, we salute you!

Steel Rings

I get it, you’re not looking for something cute and sweet, rather you want something chic and that can stand out with a basic tee and a pair of jeans, a statement piece.

Well, the good news is that as far as footwear goes I’ve got one for you and the even better news is that it comes in two colors in case you want one more.


These shoes scream “I have style, do you?” and I know you do, I can feel your confidence from this side of the screen, you go girl.

Faux Leather and Tweed

I love when we cater to the in-between, folks like you and me that want a little edge to our footwear when it comes to preppiness. Our faux leather and tweed flats really nail that spot and complement a multitude of styles. You can wear them with an all black ensemble and let our footwear hog the spotlight or you could pair them with a groutfit (grey outfit, keep up folks). The faux in faux leather isn’t the only thing to celebrate, the shoes themselves are comfy as heck.

A Tea Party but for your Footwear

There’s something really sophisticated and demure about satin. I can always picture it on royalty and let’s be real, what’s more royal than tea time? This footwear feature is one for that Sunday tea you’re most likely going to be fashionably late for and since you’re going to be making an entrance, you might as well give them something to talk about.

Enter the white pantsuit: a structured blazer and pressed (or steamed, your call) pants with satin sandals on your feet. The satin on the shoes will instantly elevate your look from office wear to street style trendy and your girlfriends will hands down ask you where you got these from. Slip our number to them, will ya?

Nude Footwear

How scandalous - are you, for wearing black heels with that white dress.

Nude flats were made to fill in that magical and all the more terrifying gap in styling outfits and we have the coolest pair on our shelves. They’re pointed (refreshing) they’re comfy (very important) and for footwear, they go with literally everything. That’s the beauty of nude shoes, you just can’t go wrong with them, so if you don’t already own a pair, what on earth are you waiting for? You know where to find us!

So steal the spotlight by getting your hands on them by placing your order today at up to 70% off and also enjoy free shipping across nation.