Prints are back again this winter! Yes, because they never went out of fashion. Whatever the season, whatever the occasion, you can always find a print to go with the event. Pakistani fashion industry adopted prints into ladies suit designs and then it became an essential part of every women’s wardrobe.

A Glimpse at colorful history of fashion prints

Since Independence Gul Ahmed has seen Pakistani fashion going through various changes, adopted different trends and styles from various cultures in ladies 3-piece suits. The cultural values in Pakistan have a profound impact on fashion and the lifestyle of every citizen and that is what inspires ladies’ suit.

The ‘60s

As we all know that ‘60s fashion was all about optical prints, bright and swirling colors along with the tie and dye shirts. It was considered as the year of experimentation. Pakistani dressing style had gone through visible changes during the green revolution and industrial development, Gul Ahmed played an important role in keeping up styles and designs in their three piece suit.

The ‘70s

Fashion in ‘70s leaned more towards wild prints fused with bright colors in ladies’ suit designs. It was all about disco, glitter and glamour. Ladies suit adorned with polka dots, patchworks and floral prints got immense popularity. Fashion and culture go hand in hand, Gul Ahmed is a reflection of cultural values, keeping traditional and cultural values intact in their ladies’ suit designs. The ‘60s was a revolutionary decade that continued to the ‘70s characterized by the arrival of pop culture, TV artist, and other media personalities influenced the fashion industry of Pakistan.

THE 80’S

The ‘80s trend were all about experimentation of color and scales in suit design. People started wearing blue mascara and yellow eye shadow boldly. This was also the year when the lines between women’s and men’s fashion blurred. Geometric prints became famous and continued to be so in the ‘90s. Keeping that in mind Gul Ahmed ladies suit designs evolved accordingly.

THE 90’S

This period witnessed an influential storm in fashion trends especially by Bollywood movies, TV dramas and commercials. During the time of experimentation, new trends emerged with some amazing things that can be worn today as well. 3 piece suit with geometrical prints, florals, mehindi suit designs and chunri dupatta for festive occasion got the most popularity at that time. We can say today’s fashion trends for ladies’ suit is inspired by the ‘90s.


So, here we come to the ‘2000s. So many changes took place these last years in ladies’ suit designs with a mixture of styles for instance: animal prints, optical, floral and geometrical prints. Floral prints continued to inspire designers and fashion influencers in their suit designs till today, nowadays floral prints are incorporated not only in ladies’ suit and ready to wear but also in footwear and headwear accessories. Now every fashion designer and fashion brand has started to play with the styles from the previous decades and are revolutionizing new trends in ladies’ suit designs. Gul Ahmed always being up to mark on trends and designs in their ladies’ suits, keeping it tasteful and fashion savvy.

Polka Dot

After this in 1928, Disney came out with its cartoon character lady Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and matching bow. Until 1930, it was prominent that the polka dot had become the most popular trend for women’s fashion.  From that onwards, Ladies suit designs with polka dots appeared in stores all over the world. Gul Ahmed also revived polka dot prints in their different ladies’ suit and especially launched Shaleen Unstitched collection 2018 which gave us major 90s vibes


Camouflage print is a print that immediately associates with war. People started incorporating camouflage print into ladies’ suit after World War II. Famous celebrities like Rihanna, boldly presented their look by wearing camouflage print head to toe which later became popular among other designers and influencers around the world. In Eastern fashion industry, Gul Ahmed also played an active role in the revival of camouflage print, as it witnessed in Gul Ahmed’s Yolo Collection featuring funky and energetic designs in Ladies suits. So, do check out Gul Ahmed’s Yolo Unstitched Collection 2018 and be in trend!

Animal Print

Animal prints have been used as a sign of power and confidence. Silk shirts, coats and scarves were some of the popular items in Ladies suits inspired by the movie Tarzan. Gul Ahmed Unstitched dresses have also showcased animal print in their different ladies’ suit designs over past few years. Gul Ahmed’s Safari Unstitched Collection launched in 2015 with various versions of animals prints in different ladies’ suit.

Stripe Print

One of the first major events to inspire the public was in 1846 when Queen Victoria dressed her four-year-old son, Albert Edward in a striped sailor suit. Soon after that suit designs with striped prints became popular. Just after that designers from all over the world followed with their own spin to this historic pattern into their ladies’ suit designs. Fashion prints in ladies’ suits are always a reflection of one’s personality and mood. Gul Ahmed also presented and retained stripes into different 3-piece collections. In their recent Yolo Winter Collection, they introduced nautical stripes in two different color ways, which can add funky vibes to your suit.

Floral Print

What pops in your head when someone says spring?? Only floral print comes to our mind, which is not surprising at all. Ladies suit with floral print has been considered the most ubiquitous motif in fashion. We all have essentially one floral suit or a floral dress hanging in our wardrobe, as it is available in millions of colors, textures and styles. Asia is the origin of floral print as it has been an integral part of their culture. Gul Ahmed Unstitched winter collection 2018 is a remarkable and perfect illustration of floral prints in ladies’ suit.  This versatile motif is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for it!

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