Pioneer of vertical integration within the textile sector in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed enjoys the status of producing a wide array of products, starting from the finest quality cotton yarns to most exquisite of home linen and fashion fabrics. Today with massive operation in textiles, information technology, energy and chemicals, Gul Ahmed has emerged as a group that contributes immensely towards building a prosperous future of Pakistan. Gul Ahmed first began trading textiles in the early 1900’s and started manufacturing in 1953 under the banner of Gul Ahmed Textiles Mills Ltd. Half a decade forwards the legacy still continues and the name Gul Ahmed stands synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. Shalwar Kameez is one of the innovation and quality of Gul Ahmed.

Gul Ahmed has been dressing generations of men for over decades with stylish shalwar kameez fabrics.  Dedicatedly catering generation after generation with the finest quality of shalwar kameez fabrics with a unique spin on traditions. Gul Ahmed’s Winter Collection for men promises just that, featuring a wide variety of shalwar kameez fabrics fit to suit every occasion. The flawless styles are appropriate for every occasion and are a must have wardrobe essential for all men’s shalwar kameez this season. So, no matter who you are and where you’re from, indulge in exploring the traditional side of your persona with the graceful Gul Ahmed Winter Collection for Men.

Cashmere (Khaddar)

Cashmere Khaddar is a great fabric for shalwar kameez in winters that will always give a timeless ease to the wearer. This exclusive fabric is beautifully expertise. This is an age-old shalwar kameez fabric that defines class and is known as the fabric for the gentlemen of the east. The latest Gul Ahmed cashmere trends are a must have for every gentleman this season.


Shalwar Kameez fabric by Gul Ahmed is one of the most coveted and luxurious fabrics, known for its unparalleled soft texture, comfort, and most importantly warmth. Merino by Gul Ahmed has successfully preserved its quality and originality for decades. Conquer the chilly winds this season draped luxuriously in Merino shalwar kameez and shalwar kameez waistcoat.

Vision Mentor

Another winter fabric by Gul Ahmed is Vision Mentor, classically designed fabric for men’s shalwar Kameez has drawn inspiration from city life and street wear, it was reinvented as a fabric for the bold and stylish modern man. It has the advantage of being quite hip and stylish, giving the wearer a polished and slightly felted appearance that will make you stand out. Vision Mentor also tends to appear the most luxurious of the heavier fabrics for shalwar kameez, as it is extremely soft. Gul Ahmed has always aimed to allure consumers to witness seemingly tailor-made aesthetics of flamboyance. It is a perfect choice for the modern Pakistani gentlemen.

Opus Mystic

The elegance of Opus Mystic lies in its ability to be warm and flexible. It is mostly used for trousers but through the innovation of our in-house design team, we have come to realize that its ideal for shalwar kameez. This will not only keep the wearer warm but will give your outfit a more appealing look. For great aesthetic combinations, it can be worn with different textured scarves, shawls and waist coats.


The breathable fabric has a textured weave, it drapes well and can be best worn as a formal outfit. With its innate ability to make the wearer stand out from the crowd, its for men who want to make a charismatic style statement of their own.

Bannu By Shawls

This high-end fabric designed exclusively by Gul Ahmed is simple yet sophisticated. It is unparalleled in quality and comfort, made from an economically influential breed of sheep it is best renowned for its ability to provide warmth, maintain its form. Its versatility in being able to be spun as loose and breathable or tight and warm as necessary is what sets it apart.

It is one of the most unique fabric by Gul Ahmed that offers the modern man an option of wearing a business-appropriate eastern ensemble this season without having to compromise on style. Bannu will make you look extremely elegant and refined, must pair it up with shalwar kameez and waistcoat.


For many people winter is more about keeping warm than being stylish but who says you can’t do both? Wearing the right fabrics will make you look elegant and will keep you warm during the short, chilly days. A good winter fabric should be strong, warm and comfortable. Taking these factors into consideration Gul Ahmed has introduced its new fabric banawat for shalwar kameez which is a fashionable fabric for any wardrobe. This pick of the season can be worn to keep warm and trendy.


The perfect fabric which features a series of great additional qualities exclusively introduced by Gul Ahmed. Hamaliya can be worn in almost any environment and is sure to stylize your outfit in a nonchalant way. Be it a suit or traditional shalwar kameez it will not only look great but keep those chilly winds at bay as well. Moulding to the perfect silhouette of the enigmatic man this gives your wardrobe a reason to rebel against the season. This supreme fabric will give you the look that gets noticed everywhere. So be a scene stealer with the sophistication of our traditional style.

Vision Vintage

The demure accentuated fabric “Vision Vintage” keeps outfit simple yet classy. It is the fabric of timeless expression to signify “Less is more”. Allowing you to experiment with cloth without standing out too much, it is a great way to unleash your creativity and style. Contrast this shalwar kameez design with different materials, especially with muted tones to brighten up your look without being too sporadic.

Opus Supreme

It is one of the most versatile fabrics for shalwar kameez men designed by Gul Ahmed. This hot seller item can easily take any shape or form and can be very easily accessorized. It looks amazing if you pair it with any other material, there’s something exquisite about this material that makes it a great mix. This supreme collection is especially for those who like lots of variety in their wardrobe.

Vision Elegance

Enjoy authenticity at its best with Gul Ahmed’s high-quality fabric for shalwar kameez. “Vision Elegance” is for the dominant man, who demands high quality as his rightful heritage. This shalwar kameez fabric is sure to set you apart and make you feel your best with a style that celebrates that cultured gentleman.


Celebrate traditions like never before with Riwayat. Weaved with timeless elegance fabric for shalwar kameez is true to its eastern roots. It is stylish and yet caters to comfort. So, dress to impress while making a bold cultural statement and standout in style at every instance draped in this classic.

Opus Stratus

They say a well-made suit can make or break a man but the foundation of any great outfit is its fabric. While menswear designers’ experiment with new looks and silhouettes every season, Gul Ahmed is working behind the scenes to develop new and exciting materials that will bring their designs to life. This exquisite fabric for shalwar kameez is one of the few fabrics that is bound to turn heads. It’s a classic choice for men’s suiting.

Vision Scarlet

This versatile material is best designed for shalwar kameez in winters. There is really nothing better than this great classic fabric by Gul Ahmed. Its light weight texture is much more functional in comparison to other fabrics and is designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern man.


This shalwar kameez fabric like origin of its name was created to accessorize the modern man in the finest fabrics. Dynamic is an apt fabric to adorn at any occasion for the contemporary man. With the festive season in tow it’s a must have shalwar kameez essential for every man.

So, what are you waiting for? Adorn yourself this winter with Gul Ahmed’s comfortable and classic menswear/shalwar kameez collection. Follow us on social media or buy online at  and keep yourself updated with upcoming collections.