Women love their shoes, often more than diamonds. Hey, you can’t always match those jewels with your outfits. Footwear on the other hand has a more significant role to play in our wardrobe affair.

So here’s a little update: flats are the new black in fashion, your go-to for almost every occasion! You can seldom go wrong with them. No longer are flats restricted to casual settings and get-togethers with your peeps. They’ve swiftly made their way into formal dinners and even weddings for that matter!

Pop those little bubbles in your head which say “…but you’ll look shorter or chubbier in flats”. Long story short, dump the clichés and catch-up with the trends. The up-side to choosing the right pair of flats for an event is: you’re in your comfort zone (pun intended) and turning heads all the same.

Life’s full of choices, the outcome depends on making the right ones. No, I’m not selling life insurance policies here, but shoes are one wardrobe investment that needs “think before you buy” kind of a slogan. I’ll rescue you from the thinking part so you know exactly what needs to be there on your shoe-rack this season.

The Festive Flats

Celebratory occasions tend to pop up, sometimes when they’re least expected. Your best friend might announce her engagement or a couple in your family might be celebrating their newborn’s arrival. You may not get a month’s notice prior to these sudden happenings. My point? Your festive wardrobe should be at the ready which includes a diverse array of footwear.

Red Alert!

These embellished, ruby-red sliders won’t be forgotten. They’re one eye-catcher that’ll get an abundance of appreciative glances from the ladies with good taste. Pair them with a red, eastern ensemble, preferably contrasted with some silver embroidery.

Golden glory

Never underestimate the importance of a golden accessory! These dull-gold flats are a friend in need, compatible with almost any outfit that has a hint of golden hue. You don’t need high-heels to up your game at a formal event, just the right pair of flats like the ones i’ve picked out for you.

Invest in pearls

I’m pretty sure you’ve got a collection of formals/semi-formals with pearl adornments. They’re waiting for the right pair of flats, embellished with pearls to match. Apart from fulfilling the purpose of complimenting your pearl-embellished attire, the pastel color is a treat for your wardrobe.

The daily-wears

You always need a few pairs to slide in for the entire day. No matter how glamed up you want to be, you want your feet to be at ease during your routine hours. But, it does not mean you would wear anything. Here are some suggestions for dailywear shoes:

Pattern makes perfect!

FYI, animal patterns have taken over the fashion world once again! From snake-skin textured accessories to zebra prints and leopard spots, the wilderness has been injecting some major inspiration in fashion.

Not only will these leopard-print sliders add more character to your every-day look they’re an easy-wear and easier to pair with a black jeans and contrasting top.

We’ve all got to deal with some snake-skins every day (pun-intended), but you’ll definitely fall in love with these textured beauts. Bonus points if you can grab a snake-skin printed bag to bring more charisma to the look. Flaunt them at work, especially if you’ve got a “dare to wear” repo!

Slide in, casually!

The epitome of “comfy yet trendy”, sliders rule the casual kingdom! Going out with the gang? Working-Saturday taking a toll on you? Pull up a jeans, your favorite slogan-tee and slide into a pair of chic sliders. Don’t restrict these staples to your western attire though, they can do just as much justice to your ethnic wardrobe.

The traditional list

When it comes to flats, our traditional footwear for women are the OG! From the ancient Indus civilization to chic Mughal era, you can find plenty of flats. However, Ideas Pret has innovated on these traditional designs and you must have these for your shoe closet.

All sorts of kolah puris!

They’ve always been there as an ethnic-wear but fashion knows no limits. What’s new? Kolah-puris have made peace with western apparel. They’re no longer just an eastern thing, owing to novel designs that exhibit a more contemporary panache.

The Daredevil “Do Pati"

Please don’t picture bathroom slippers or at-home footwear when you read that word. Do patti or thong-slippers are a style-statement that can’t be ignored or abandoned! They’ve been there and will always be there. In fact the right pair can actually take you from desk-to-dinner quite smoothly.


Take a bow-peep (pun intended) at these dainty charmers! They surely qualify to be flaunted in more than one occasion.

Black is the only black!

Please don’t speak to me if you don’t own at least a couple of black outfits! Your monochromes need to be paired with noir footwear and believe you me, these black beauties are must-haves in the black-list this season.

Flaunt your flats

With Ideas Pret, you will always get the latest trends of women footwear. I know I have shared quite a few designs in this edit, however I want you to step out and show your style. Tag #ideaspret and show us how you are wearing our latest designs on Instagram.