Comfort before fashion or fashion before comfort?

It’s a cliché debate, but relevant in every era all the same. Our mind is in a constant state of conflict when it comes to making the right fashion choices. The toughest of them being: ‘Should I be comfy or trendy?’

The dilemma sprouts up especially when you’re in the shoe zone. There’s always that ‘what I want to wear’ and ‘what I should wear’ argument inside your head.

Know what I prefer? The best of both worlds! Comfort with fashion.

Now I’ll be completely realistic: your footwear is more often than not, highly dependent on the attire you choose for the day. Height and weight too are deciding factors, I agree, but they’ve been more involved in this decision than they ought to be. That’s just taboos talking, not fashion.

Coming back to flats, they’re pretty under-rated when it comes to high-fashion. You just need to know where to look and trust me you might get addicted to the ‘comfort with fashion’ choice.

The Western Touch

A pair of sliders are your western vogue’s best friend.

So here’s what I have in mind. You’ve got a pair of denim jeans and a chic top like this one with a collar-neckline. What would be a suitable match? Got your answer below.  

Slip your feet into these powder pink sliders for a light shaded top or similar black ones for darker tones. The gold embellishment is the cherry on the top. Just adds that extra value to an otherwise simple pair of flats.

Quick tip: If you’re short on matching handbags, your sliders can be of some assistance. Unless you’d rather opt for a neutral palette, you can carry anything that comes close to the color of your footwear.

The Shorter, the Better

There’s a lot of grey area here, but let me clear the fog. This implies to any casual, semi-formal or even formal apparel which you can pair with flats without getting all height/weight conscious.

In case you are bent towards comfort but feel heels would do justice to your look, here’s an advice: the shorter your kurti, the better you can pull off those flats.

Hypothetically speaking, you’ve an official dinner party on your agenda for the evening, but your sore feet refuse to take any more torture from those heels you’ve been wearing all day.

Browse through your wardrobe for a 2-piece formal wear: a shirt that’s doesn’t go below your knees and trousers/pants that are either capris or at the finish line of your ankles.

Add a contemporary touch to your look for a fusion-illusion by making a wise selection such as this pair that’s adorned with florals all over. I’m totally crushing on this pair from Ideas Pret. Plus, the colors are as subtle and exquisite as they can get.

But, if you think that’s too feminine for your usual style, go for these black or beige embellished sliders that give off a more ‘I’m bold and beautiful’ appeal.

For a more casual look, stay put with a pair of jeans and short kurti. This modern improvisation on kola puris is my personal favorite this season.

Summer Festivities

Festivities are a summer favorite, especially at the eastern end of the world. The sun can’t spoil our plans (can’t say much about the rain). Nevertheless, Eid’s not the sole celebration that requires a traditional take on your wardrobe.

I’m assuming you’ve got your desi wardrobe at the ready for all those upcoming festivals. For events where there’s a lot of dhoom dharakka, your stilettoes are really just pointless (pun intended). The likes of shehndi, mayun, dholkis etc.

Traditionally speaking, khoosaas are trending these days and so are kola puris for the same purpose.

I’ve singled out a couple of flats for such purposes, where you can keep the ‘tradition’ alive while adding a chic touch to your look.

Embedded delicately with studs, this lilac pair is sure to give you that head to toe perfection. Match them with any semi-formal ready-to-wear with a pastel back drop.

Next in line is this set of trendy flats that have some crisscross aesthetics playing around a dull gold hue, and might match-up extremely well with any east-west fusion outfit.

Let’s call it a wrap with this last piece of advice: never let the world fool you into thinking you can’t pull ‘that’ off! Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. So, be a trendsetter this summer and grab your favorite flats online from Ideas Pret!