What a nice pair of stilettos do for an outfit is what a rug does for a room. They are a game changer on how a room looks and feels. Rugs can either sit in harmony with your room, or they can make a statement by adding a chic element to any setting.

There are, of course, a lot more reasons why we should have rugs in our homes, other than just being a conversation starter and so we’ve put together a blog today for you to enjoy the wonders of dressing your floors with rugs.

Create A Feature

Rugs accentuate the style and feel of a room like this rust screen printed rug actually adds some depth and warmth to the room with its color palette that will compliment your living space.

Add Personality with Pattern

If you want to be bold and introduce pattern into your living space there is no better way than introducing it through a humble rug. Using a pattern below your visual field when entering a room makes it appear less meddling. Rugs are also a great way to introduce pattern to neutral spaces and provides your room with a sense of unique character and personality. Rugs provide a visual depth to your floors offering textural contrast and interest.

Add Some Color

Adding rugs to plain, neutral spaces is an excellent idea. Rugs not only will create a visual dimension but also add a dash of color to an otherwise dull room. Much like these screen-printed rugs in a variety of brightly colored prints.

Rugs Add Comfort

Adding an area rug to your home adds an element of comfort for you and your guests. Would you rather rest your feet on a bare floor or soft wool? They can also provide a great place to set up a sitting corner if you have too many friends over and run out of furniture. Place these rugs in a corner, place some floor cushions on it and you have yourselves a comfy, cozy corner. For this reason, always make sure to buy high quality rugs (Points at Ideas Home rugs).

Create Neutral & Soothing Spaces

After a tiring day at work, we all appreciate coming back to a relaxing space to unwind. Neutral yard-dyed rugs from Ideas Home help create a cohesive color palette if you want to create a muted, neutral tone in your room. And if you opt for a bold bedding design, these muted rugs compliment that as well, helping you create an outstanding design element.

You should never underestimate the simple pleasures in life and a rug in any space is one of them.

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