With the summer sun up on our heads, there’s this one thing that everyone feels ‘ugh’ about: dressing up. In this humid weather you don’t want to wear anything that’s too loud or intimidating. Instead, the choice shifts towards cooler colors, especially white. Known as the color of sophistication, white evokes so many good feelings inside us, along with its outward charm and elegance, it makes a person feel light and free.

The secret recipe for a winning look is a minimalistic and monochromatic outfit. And when these two words are spoken together, the image of a white dress instantly forms in our mind. There’s nothing tricky about wearing white. Irrespective of your age, color or size, everyone looks gorgeous in white.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

A classic match

Got a corporate lunch party on your cards? Well, you ought to be fully prepared for it. After all, you want to create a lasting first impression. Don’t fret, and just pay attention. Get yourself this white shirt with ornamental details and box motifs. Basking in the glory of hand-worked embroidery, this shirt is perfect for a formal affair. It’s both gorgeous yet formal, thus, clearly a classic match.

Oh, so haseen!

Here’s the fashionista! The girl whose fashion game is always on point. For such a haseena, this white shirt from Ideas Pret would be just perfect. The elegant hand-worked embroidery on the shirt looks classy and royal. The best is yet to come. The real ‘uff’ element is the dupatta. The silk printed dupatta compliments the all-white look so well that it looks unreal. In this outfit, be prepared to look ethereal.

The desi girl

A true ethnic girl at heart, wearing a white shalwar kameez is something that comes naturally to you. And when it’s this beautiful and alluring, how can one say no to it? This shirt is infused with delicate and intricate embroidery and boasts of a collar neck that adds a contemporary touch to the otherwise traditional look. However, the spotlight is on the colorful dupatta. The chiffon dupatta has a myriad of colors proving to be a visual treat when complemented with the shirt.

Elegance at work!

Looking forward to stun everyone with stylish new looks this summer? Well, Ideas Pret has the right shirt for you. This angrakha style shirt is one of its kind, dating back to the Mughal Era, it’s an ode to history. Thus, the shirt carries an air of sophistication and elegance around it, all the while vaunting of vintage-style art. This summer, you take all the classic art vibes with you wherever you go.

Of poise and grace

Summers also mean attending lots of weddings. And finding the right outfit can be a task. You don’t want something too gaudy, neither do you want to look simply too bland. I’ll end your confusion. This two-piece suit here is the perfect solution for all your fashion dilemmas. One, the maxi style goes well with all the events. Two, the delicate flowery embroidery on the shirt is a head turner. And, three, It’s WHITE. Cracked it for you, didn’t I? Happy Celebrations!

Belle Fleurs

Don’t we girls just love flowers? Their color and their scent. Now imagine having those beautiful and vibrant flowers with you through that tough office meeting you were dreading. Soothing, isn’t it? That’s exactly what this shirt from Ideas Pret would do for you. The plain white shirt with its ravishing flowery embroidery is going to bright up all your days. Clad in this shirt, you would spread positive vibes everywhere this season.

A spell of magic

Want to break out of the mundane pattern? Opt for this Anarkali inspired kurta from Ideas Pret. It’s pretty, light and fashionable. Perfect for a working Saturday followed by a shopping trip to the mall. You would be at ease the entire day, without losing out on your style quotient.

Now that you have a complete style-guide for all your white fashions this summer, all you have to do is buy them from you nearest Ideas Pret store and flaunt your style in them!