Vivid and graphic, 2019 is forecasted to showcase vibrant colors, vintage florals, and animal prints in the name of fashion, all of which have already grazed runways internationally by big names like Gucci, Miu Miu, and Michael Kors.

Some of these trends have already popped up on our feeds and timelines. So if you’re wondering how to get in line with them, look no further. Ideas is your one-stop-shop for all things on trend.

Our collection of prints for this season incorporate the visual essence of the animal print, while simultaneously stirring up a dialogue with vibrant and charged color palettes. Hues like steel blue and burnt orange when combined can be seen from afar, while deep greens complement the earthy tones in leopard spots, one of the most popular prints this season.

Other noteworthy elements are in the finer details present in the prints, featuring iconography from everyday scenery including both flora and fauna. Some of these prints definitely speak to the vintage aesthetic present in floral prints from the mid-20th century, a nice break from the hyper modern prints we’ve been seeing the past few years.

Another feature that breaks the monotony are the cuts and silhouettes present in this collection. From sharp angles to flared sleeves, flattering necklines to bold collars, this collection plays with form and fitting adding some refreshing shapes to an equally exciting print line up.

Another equally exciting feature is the embroidery work on our solid pieces, the focal point being the graphic compositions and experimentation with negative space. Our collection embraces the uniqueness present in asymmetrical patterns and layering of embellished designs, creating  more complexity and depth while still maintaining the look and feel of a classic solid.

There’s something here for everyone. With Digital Dreams ready-to-wear collection, we’ve given you the material to go from classy to sassy to rebellious in 3.5 seconds and we look forward to seeing what you do with it!