A peek into what’s hot this season?

Days just got brighter and we’re looking forward to more sunshine than ever! As much as we’d love to hit the beach or take a stroll out in the parks, we’re obliged to make an exception this year and make peace with the fact that all those traditions need a summer break.

Nevertheless, we like our eggs and our life sunny side up. So, we’re all home-bound, it’s true but let’s make our stay-at-home a lot less depressing and a whole lot fun by just celebrating life in vogue!

As sworn fashion addicts (excuse me if I seem over enthusiastic), we’re bound by an oath to take and give serious fashion inspiration. Right? Well, there’s just one way of going about that route and that is to stay updated and in trend!

Style clique, adding flavor to your SS’20 wardrobe is Ideas Pret’s Salt Collection this summer! Make room for a little less bling and more groove as we exit the festive east and take a step into the chic west! Bid farewell to whatever’s so last season and give a warm welcome to your SS’20 closet for all that’s new and now!

Pick your plaid!

Plaids have made it to the trendlist this season, surviving all the way from fall 2019 to summer 2020! I know what you’re thinking: plaids tend to look similar at times and do we want that? NO! Fortunately, Salt by Ideas has managed to resolve all such monotony issues by introducing a diverse range of plaid-perfect tops that’ll get you from 9 to 5 and after, even if you’re working from home!

From PJs to a semi-formal plaid top, that’s the change that’ll make you feel right at work. Nothing like a collared plaid to give you some office vibes within your at-home work station. BTW if you’re following SOPs and heading off to work, a pair of heels wouldn’t hurt (fashion comes first).

Kick off those heels and lose the collar! Pick a more casual look for your after-work soirees like a cycling excursion perhaps? We’ll call it a p-laid-back look. Did I mention these trendsetters are up for grabs at flat 50% off?! You read that right!

Back in chains!

Anyone here who’s an avid trend-follower may already be seeing a lot of the chain print these days. A bit of a trivia on this: what you’re actually adoring as the 21st century’s most trending print is basically inspired from the chain print trends from the 80’s! You’d feel really cool pulling off a chained-up dress especially knowing that a couple of fashion queens like Victoria Bekham and Meghan Markle have these prints enlisted as their absolute favorites!

So fashion does repeat itself in the best of ways and this off-shoulder dress makes that statement quite apparent. TBH, this dress needs no add-ons, having the ability to make itself noticed without a partner. Well, you can’t skip foot-wear of course – unless you’re planning on wearing it indoors all day!
Psst! This too is at flat 40% off along with some other chain prints, but I got a little biased.

The stripe vibe!

Breaking news: the stripe trend is bound to take over summer fashion this year and while we’re talking about everything from top to bottom, the most popular stripes are the vertical ones. Why? They’re just right for any-body – vertical stripes tend to flatter any shape and size.  

Whether you’re the boss lady or aiming to become one, there’s nothing that gets that message through like a collared top with stripes. The official tuck-in adds the final touch with a pair of black denim or cotton pants and pointed flats.

Remember girls, dress like the lady you endeavor to become (thought I’d put in a word of wisdom).

Tees that talk!

Grabbed your attention didn’t I? Well any t-shirt that can speak your line and flaunt your vibe is an attention-grabber in itself. There just needs to be one of these in your wardrobe to complete the fashion cycle.

Make a bold statement with one of these and pair it with a casual denim. The best part about a statement t-shirt is they’re so easy to carry and easier to style-up. You can never be over-dressed in a simple black t-shirt no matter how much you accessorize!

Pull your hair up into a bun or the traditional pony-tail, maybe a half tied hair-do, add some groovy hoops (earrings) and a wrist band for that groovy chic look.

This one here is especially for the taboo breakers – our stylish rebels! Go for it and get it at 50% off – a real steal TBH since these tees are for lower than PKR 900! Buying is believing.

Got your list ready? Well, all you need to do is hit the link and you’ll land right where your west-robe is waiting to get checked out! Enjoy the amazing discounts while stocks last.