Yes, I’m a girl who loves to dress on-point. And yeah, I’m a crazy cricket fan!

Stand up for the #champions!

Make way for the greatest of all seasons. It’s that time of the year when passions roar high in the sky.

You won’t find this on Netflix.

Of course, you know what I’m talking about. I have spilled the beans already. After all, what else could make a Pakistani girl more elated than CRICKET?!

Oh yes and before I go ahead with this, there’s an invisible exit sign for anyone who thinks it’s unnatural for women and girls to be passionate about cricket.

For those who have already “been there, done that” (I mean, been to a cricket match), I am sure you have the tickets in your hands again.

Trust me. No one can watch just one! Thankfully, we are hosting more cricket matches than ever before.

But, for all the folks out there who are still contemplating on whether to go or not, here’s a sincere advice: Missing out is a mistake!

How To Look Good At A Cricket Match

After my pre-match commentary, here’s the opener for what this is actually all about! Yes, we’re all girls and we love cricket just as much as any guy (or even more).

Does that mean we’d just rush to the stadium looking…

…what’s the word I’m looking for?

Yes, conventional.

No way!

What can I say?! We’re accustomed to dressing up for an occasion. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a red-carpet event or a cricket match. Compromise isn’t our style when it comes to looking good.

Plus, you never know when you might have to cheer for the camera—or act all candid while you’re tensed because your favorite batsman might be given the red light.

Swinging back to my topic! A cricket match doesn’t usually have a defined look other than the usual tops and jeans.

But, do girls like to be boring and bland? Nah!

So, keep scrolling to know how to look your sassy self at a day-and-night match.  

For today, I’m pitching THREE effortless looks!

Plus, I’m going to throw in some make-up tips to elevate your style game. You also need to ban the tan and protect your skin from being sun-scorched.

Yes, we’re keeping you grounded here for your own good!


Needless to say, every person is very important when they are going to the stadium. For those who manage to make it to the cushy seats (lucky you!), the sun won’t spoil your fun, but you need to beat the heat and be a striker all the same (pun intended).

Plus, there’s that extra pressure of being a VIP, i.e. a Very Inspiring Person. Everyone expects you to be classy.

To save you time, I have curated my best look.

White with a spurt of color.

A pair of white pants (nothing says happy sunny day to you like white) and a striped, multi-hued button down like this trendsetter top from Salt by Ideas. A brown belt is the ultimate chic ornament to compliment your top and bottom.

If the starting time is around 4:00 PM and the match is likely to start before sundown, you can opt for a subtle-toned red lipstick. But, go easy on the eye make-up: just a dab of transparent gloss to make it lightly dramatic. However, highlighting those cheek-bones isn’t forbidden.

I’m not done yet, honey.

*Background Score PLEASE*


It’s a fashion sin to forget these. Confession time! I’ve made the mistake of leaving my shades and hat at home. Trust me you need both, girlfriend. Comfortable with the blazing sun? The glasses are enough.

Power Play

Who said a t-shirt and jeans had to be as typical as they sound? What am I here for?

An interesting tee (I’ll get back to this in a minute) and a pair of denim jeans with those sun-blockers (shades) and a cross-body bag…


I can just picture you slaying in the sun while you’re all comfy, yet trendy as you cheer with the crowd.

Bouncing back to the “interesting” part, you need to make sure it’s not just any tee. Pick something that speaks for itself, like “Cricket Vogue” or “Howzat”. I think you get the idea. That reminds me you can get amazing denim pants from Salt by Ideas.

Oh wait. Do take your cap along with you. There’ll be a longgg queue and you don’t want to get sun-stroked before you even get to the enclosures.

Chic & Ethnic

The sizzling heat might not let you pull this off but when the sun takes a break, guess what? You can go all chic with a touch of ethnic. Allow me to explain: Once you’ve been to a night match, you’ll have that itch to go back for that view of the pitch.

I’m thinking denim! A denim kurti over a pair of white trousers.

Yeah, you can wear shades for a brief time, but don’t wear them after sundown. Instead, just secure
them nicely over your head like a makeshift hairband. And, voila! Hot and happening.
On the make-up front, you can apply a subtle eye shade with slightly winged liner along with some BB
Cream. If you’re blessed with flawless skin (Oh God! I want it too), pink blush or tint will look perfect
with a glossy lippie!
Just Bring Your Fashion A-Game
Let me think…
Yup that’s pretty much it! Oh wait.
Don’t forget to lather on sun block (anything above SPF 30) all over your face and other exposed areas
of your skin. Even if you’re the “I like my tan” sort of gal, I’m sure you are not a fan of skin cancer.
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