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We can’t be the only ones feeling a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm for the approaching festivities. Do you sense it too? It's not hard to find feelings of joy and contentment in the air now that the good vibes have begun to pour in. Like many others, you should too prepare for the season's celebrations in style by gathering the essentials for the ideal mid-summer wardrobe.

Your closet is one thing that needs to be in tip-top shape in preparation for the many celebrations lining up. To put your mind at ease, the fashion powerhouse - GulAhmed has introduced Cambric Collection '23. Filled with a concoction of fall-inspired colors, delicate prints, and elegant embroideries, the collection has something for every mood and event.

Before I take you on a virtual tour through the new collection, let’s first explore the ins and outs of cambric fabric and know what makes it a must-have in your wardrobe.

What is Cambric Fabric?

Cambric, a type of fabric with a rich history in France, stands out from other fabrics. First of all, it's a pure cotton-woven fabric that's very light in weight. Different from standard linen or cotton, it is woven with a twisted, short yarn, giving it a distinctive appearance. These fibers are raw and are not processed in any way, not even for bleaching. But the tight, stiff, and glossy appearance of the fabric comes from the exceptional weave of the fabric. The weave helps the fabric appear sleek and sophisticated from afar. So, Cambric is a great fabric for all kinds of needlework and embroidery, and it is also used to make a wide range of clothes.

As the seasons shift, so do the hottest trends in clothing. The only fabric worthy of midsummer fashion is cambric. with its gorgeous colours, artistic floral patterns, and detailed embroidery, is all the rage this summer. A pair of unstitched cambric suits from GulAhmed is the perfect way to stay cool and stylish even in the hottest summer months. Our pre-fall Cambric collection not only uses premium fabric, but also boasts eye-catching hues that will make you feel and look like a true season-appropriate sparkler. The best is yet to come. You can stay on top of your style game with the stunningly beautiful ensembles by GulAhmed Cambric Collection '23.

Can I wear Cambric during the summer?

Many of you, especially those who live in the warmer regions, are probably thinking about the same question. To break the news, YES! Cambric is exceptionally well-suited for midsummer. The reasons are fairly self-explanatory. To begin, the fabric is incredibly smooth and silky, which exemplifies both luxury and sophistication. The fabric is woven in such a way that you feel comfortable and relaxed while remaining fashionable. GulAhmed's Cambric Collection '23 is a collection of stunning prints. You can show off your style thanks to the intriguing colour palette, exquisite embroidery, and blooming prints. The unstitched fabric is perfect to satiate your fashion hunger as you can style it however you like it.

Can I wear Cambric during the winter?

As we all know, it's a completely different ballgame when it comes to winter clothing, but Cambric saves the day, or should we say "season" by bringing ease and comfort to your life. Fabrics made of Cambric, are slightly thicker and can be worn even in mildly chilly winters. Like the ones, we experience in Karachi. The all-new Cambric Collection by GulAhmed is perfect to transition the carefree midsummer vibes into a dreamy winter chill—and that too without compromising on your style needs.

Cambric vs Lawn

The lawn is a lighter-weight fabric compared to Cambric, which is a medium-weight fabric. Cambric is more suitable for autumn than lawn because it is thicker and more durable than lawn.

Lawn is always a good option, even on the hottest days of summer. Cambric, however, is the perfect companion for those beautiful warm summer days when the temperature is just right. Its silky texture would guarantee a classy look, keeping you comfortable and at ease. This is why most people like to add "it" to their mid-summer soirees with GulAhmed Cambric Collection '23.

Now that we’ve learned the ins and outs of cambric, Buckle up! It's time to explore the most talked-about collection of the season, the Gul Ahmed Cambric Collection ’23.

This stunningly charismatic 3-piece embroidered suit is our absolute favorite from the Cambric Collection ‘23. A chic blue ensemble accentuated with intricate embroidery when paired with matching lawn dupatta will make for an outfit that people cannot take their eyes off.

With delicate florals in hues of maroon illustrated over a dreamy white canvas and a stunning tissue silk dupatta, this enormously graceful yet modest design is perfect to carry you in style from AM to PM.

This 3 Piece unstitched cambric suit exudes an air of cheerfulness and joy. An absolute Ideal to brighten up any daytime event.

If elegance was an outfit, this would be it. Delicately composed embroideries are rendered over an enigmatic midnight canvas, layered over dyed trousers, and paired with a matching embroidered chiffon dupatta. This smoldering design is a graceful yet chic look for mid-summer evening affairs.

Anyone will look gorgeous in this sumptuous midnight blue dress, featuring delicate details in oceanic blue. This gorgeously crafted 2-piece suit, when paired with a lawn dupatta, will take you through the hot summer days and breezy nights coming ahead.

A beautiful shade of pink uplifted with modern yet minimal embroidered details when paired with a matching printed burnout dupatta makes this three-piece dress the most sought-after look of the season.

Now that you’ve taken a look at the season’s most fashionable dresses, here’s all you have to do. Visit www.gulahmedshop.com and select your favorite from the collection. And buy the Cambric Collection ’23 now!