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Best Formal Wear Brand Of Pakistan

First point to be noted. Being casual doesn’t really work everywhere. As much as some of you might adore your jeans and kurtis, you need to call it quits when things get formal. Therefore, you need to go from being a carefree woman to an elegant lady.

Going into rewind, formal Pakistani dresses were mostly flamboyant shalwar kameez designs, which of course have retained their popularity over the years. Nevertheless, innovation is the essence of fashion and formal shalwar kameez designs have also evolved over time.

The shalwar has now adopted some trends from the west as well as other cultures, such as the Aladdin-style shalwar aka “harem pants”. Formal Pakistani dresses, nevertheless, have a knack for standing out—and that’s exactly what we want! Pearl embellishments, zari work, and embroideries makes formal Pakistani dresses fashionable.

Formal Pakistani Dresses: A Blend of Tradition and Trends

We have shed some light already on how formal Pakistani dresses have been modified. Please don’t misinterpret what we’re saying here. Of course, old is gold and trends actually repeat themselves, but you’ve got to change every now and then.

Things have straightened up a bit. You’ll see what we mean.

Pants or trousers have crept into formal Pakistani fashion. Though shalwars continue to be the ideal attire for some women, preference has swiftly shifted to straight trousers. Must we remind you that Ideas Pret never lags behind in fashion.

Our range of beautiful formal Pakistani dresses cater to the new generation as much as to the Gen-X. The festive collections mostly include straight, embroidered trousers with digital kurtis drenched in exquisiteness. The trendiest cuts merged with traditional elements are what Pakistani formal dresses at Ideas are all about.

Ladies Formal Dresses For All Occasions

When you are going to a formal gathering, pick one of our shalwar-kameez inspired outfits. Made with premium quality fabrics, formal wear from Ideas Pret is ideal for all types of formal events.

Formal Dresses For Official Gatherings

Please don’t show up in your pair of ripped jeans or t-shirts just to stand out. It doesn’t work that way when it’s a formal dinner. Nevertheless, looking like a bridesmaid won’t be in your favor either. Perhaps the decision isn’t as easy as it seems when you’re pondering on the type of formal Pakistani dress to wear at this event, but what are we here for? A formal dress from Ideas Pret is neither too much nor too little. It is the perfect for a formal dinner.

Formal Dresses For Family Occasions

You are hosting a dawat. So little time, so much to do. You can’t get your latest designer lawn suit stitched and you just can’t wear a digital kurti. Here’s what you do: Grab a formal kurti with dazzling embellishments. Match it up with an embroidered trouser. Why not buy a two-piece ready-to-wear formal Pakistani dress? You’ll be making only one choice instead of two. Grab a clutch and a pair of heels and you’re all set to steal the show.

Order Pakistani Formal Dresses Online With Free Shipping

Shop from our collection of best formal wear dresses by Ideas Pret. You’ll get free delivery in Pakistan on eligible orders. Living outside Pakistan? Get FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all orders above US$250. (Terms and Conditions apply.)