Black And White Collection

Black & White Unstitched Collection 2019

The monsoon season summer brings with itself calls for all the ladies to pull out the trendiest and most chic outfits from your closet. And, to create a fashion style statement this season, there’s no better color combination than the classic black and white. White, also known as the mother of sophistication, has the uncanny ability to give you a fresh look, while the black color adds the element of class and style completing your outfit for the day. You can do either, go big on black and reduce the whites or vice versa, either way it would only help you create an impression with your looks that lasts a lifetime.

This year, your outfit choices have been made easy by Gul Ahmed with the launch of their Black and White Unstitched Collection 2019. The collection consists of dresses that have potential to be staple pieces of your wardrobe. A fusion of embroidered embellishments, peppy geometrics and chic motifs, this collection is for the woman who does not dresses to impress, but dresses for herself. It’s for the independent and confident woman who breaks the stereotypes and makes her own fashion rules.

You would look nothing less than a classical symphony with Gul Ahmed’s Black and White Unstitched Collection 2019. Whether it’s choosing something unique for this year’s festivities or celebrating the summer vibes, these tones of black and white with their innovative and beautiful designs are going to make you top this year’s panache charts. Both two-piece and three-piece suits, the collection has luxe and lavish designs infused with ornamental embroidery for your formal wear. As well as, peppy and energetic motifs for the casual girl on the go. Whatever your choice for the day is, Gul Ahmed’s latest collection surely has a fix for all your summer fashion cravings.

Gul Ahmed produces unparalleled fabric that is soft to feel and shows off a prim and proper look when worn. All the suits are made of 100% cotton, made from high-quality cotton yarn. Thus, you can trust their Black and White Unstitched Collection 2019 to surpass all your fashion expectations. This year’s summer just got better, ladies!