Like they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his fill, and the way to a woman’s heart, well in this case it’s not diamonds or gold, but a fancy wardrobe! And with Eid-ul-Fitr a few weeks away, what could be more celebratory than having an abundance of options in adorning your wardrobe just in time from one of your favourite and most-loved brands, Ideas by Gul Ahmed.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed’s Ready-To-Wear Eid Collection is a culmination of gorgeous pastels, red’s, blue’s and maroon’s that are sure to grab your attention with the perfect colour combinations, embroidered patterns and embellishments  that give the outfit a life of its own. With the right kind of subtlety in every print, the Eid collection is not limited to mundane designs, rather they have incorporated sleek cuts that take you away from the unconventional designs bring you smart and trending outfit choices to make from a wide selection. Furthermore, the Eid collection brings forth elegant summer feels with a touch of add-ons that take the entire collection one step into creative designing and originality.

Interestingly, Ideas by Gul Ahmed’s Ready-To-Wear Eid Collection also gives exceptional styling tips because their designs take you away from the regular stitching patterns for a few outfits. Form mid-length shirts to pencil trousers, culots and pyjama’s gives every woman and girl the absolute feels for post-Eid formal and semi-formal events as well. And that is possibly the best way to boost your self-confidence, which is why Ideas by Gul Ahmed has been able to win the trust of their customers over the years and become a staple brand.

The Read-To-Wear Eid collection is going to be an supreme deal-breaker this summer if you want to amp your style statement this Eid at a price range of Rs. 6,500/- since the collection shall be out very soon in stores and online with colourful and subdued options to make and step into the cheerful feels as intricate oriental embroideries and luxe details are the highlights of the collection whereas exuberance and chic are the essence this year on Eid.

Credits : Siddy Says