Ladies in Pakistan, just like in any other country, are selective and somewhat obsessed when it comes to fashion, which of course is exactly how it should be isn’t it? Kurtis is a common preference especially when ladies are in the mood to flaunt some extra elegance, blended with style. That’s why this blog is here to elaborate on the latest trending kurti designs for 2018.

Whether you’re a working woman or a college-going gal, you’d agree that a kurti is not just a style-statement but a major go-to attire. Too hot outdoors? We’d put on a light fabric kurti. For those traditional festive occasions? A kurti is the perfect outfit.

As with many other garments, kurtis too fall under the category of fashion originated and inspired from the sub-continent and though variations have crawled-in over-time, resulting in an extended kurti family, the basic ethnic look has seldom been compromised upon by designers.

Kurti Designs 2018

Evolving over the decades, Kurti Designs 2018, showcase a mélange of trends, styling and ornaments while retaining a cultural allure. Moving on to the innumerable styles of kurtis and the popularity of this outfit which has spread like wild-fire over the years both locally and internationally, you’d be spoiled for choice once you take a look at these happening kurti designs that 2018 has to offer.

  1. 1. Prints are always in

The most season-friendly of them all. Why? Because almost every fabric can handle some print and play but that’s not the only reason that makes this the most popular fashion array. Whether it’s your usual office day or a hang-out with your girl gang, a dynamic, digital printed kurti never fails to impress.

Style-up tips: Plain and prints go hand in hand and by that we mean your printed top always goes well with a basic trouser or monochrome pants.

  1. 2. Say Sleeves!

They’re one of the defining features of any kurti these days. Your kurti may be drenched in adornments from neck to the hem but don’t take your eyes off the sleeves. Attention to sleeves and experimenting with them is no novel phenomenon in eastern fashion neither does it belong solely to modern-day designs or designers for that matter. Reviving styles from the 70s and 80s, sleeves are no longer restricted to cap, half, three quarter or full. Provided that you don’t want your kurti design to be too simple these sleeve-styles breathe life into an otherwise ordinary kurti:

  1. Bells are trending: Beginning in a comfortable fit from the arms and flaring down from the elbow onwards into a bell shape, these sleeves are a style that dates back to the filmy era of the 70’s and look great in any type of kurti particularly young girls’ kurtis.
  2. Tie the knot: Tying a knot is considered being fashion forward these days, in your kurtis’ sleeves we mean!
  3. Show them a cold shoulder, in your kurti obviously! Cold shoulder sleeves are what’s happening most in kurtis nowadays.
  4. Steal the cuffs from the boys! Cuff sleeves in kurti designs are more of a contemporary, working woman’s thing, maintaining a look of sophistication while retaining the spirit of ethnic fashion.
  5. A slit in fashion: Slit-open sleeves are now a part of contemporary fashion. Varying from sleeves that flare right from the shoulder to those that have an opening just below the elbows.

Neck-lines and hem styles

Think you can just live with a simple V-neck kurti or a straight hem these days? Gone are the days when this would suffice. Fashion is all about innovation in present times and to go with the flow you need to know what’s chic and trending in hems and neck lines. Additionally these can play a vital role in your over-all appearance. How? Find out below

  1. The boat neck: As the name suggests, this neck-line is shaped like a boat and is usually great for making your shoulders look a bit broader. So if you’re a lady with somewhat lean shoulders this is the neck style you’d want in your kurti design.
  2. Chic Collars: Though more of a western style, a collared neck-line adds a voguish touch to an otherwise traditional kurti design. Though this mostly adds allure to a western face-cut, the collars are often designed to suit eastern faces all the same.
  3. Ben’s a ten in kurti designs: This is perhaps the most popular of all collar styles since it not only adds a smart look to your kurti but complements women with a long, slender neck as well as those with a broader one since the length of the ben can be varied to suit both types of necks.
  4. Take it up a notch: Since notch necklines are designed to reveal a greater portion of your neck, they are for women who like to flaunt their neck with grace.
  5. Over-lapping in fashion: One over the other, this hem-style is actually the courtesy of an over-lapping front panel which makes the over-all look of a desi shirt, explicitly modish.
  6. Round it out a bit: Once popular in shalwar kameez, the rounded hem is now a trend in the kurti world as well. It not only gives the traditional kurti a chic look but also makes you look a tad bit younger and hip.
  7. High-low hem: Usually lower from the back and high at the front, this hem style’s what any woman would want since it suits all body types, from pear shaped to lean figures.
  8. Going Sideways: The trend craze has no end! Sprinkling a touch of vogue in the otherwise traditional kurti, a diagonal hems dominate the style sheets.

Adornments to adore

Glamorized to perfection! Kurtis these days are not just your daily, casual go-to but the most popular attire for your festive occasions owing to glittery adornments, tassels, pearls, zari work, organza details and embedded stones.

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