We all love our beautiful country Pakistan and can’t say enough about how amazing it is. But one thing is assertive, we all cherish winter season the most. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and a cosy blanket? Shawls, scarves, warm dresses, winter collection launches, late night drives through the chilly breeze, gajjar ka halwa and a perfect dining out scene at your favorite restaurant are some things we all love about winters in Pakistan.

Every season we all stress over what kind of outfits are in vogue- what to pair it with- what kind of trousers suit the shirts and all. As one design his or her winter dress, it inspires them to take under consideration their style of living and personal needs. Some people love to spend winters at home and stay cosy. But on the other end a lot of people go for shopping just to rejuvenate their winter dresses. Some winter wardrobe essentials are bulky on casual wear and lighter on dressier styles, but still make sure that you have clothes for any occasion so you are not scrambling when you receive a last minute invite.

Beautiful Ladies…Stand Out This Winter!

Winter demands for dark or deep colors in Pakistan. To bring out the best in you, one should go for a deep, rich and warm palette. Black, Navy blue, Red and Plum are the most eye catching colors in winters. Pakistani winter clothes in all regions reflect the weather conditions. In this modernized era of fashion and style, it has become crucial to be acquainted with the latest trends. It is the ultimate desire of every man and woman to set the benchmark by being an early bird to get a hold of the latest trends & styles. The way you present yourself and your clothes enhances your personality and builds your confidence. Your dressing sense creates a reflection of your personality and can be highlighted not only being fashionable but also being trendy.

Women are always in search of stylish winter clothes for all the seasons but winter demands something unique, and to make sure you are in style this winter do not forget to stock up with all winter essentials. Add an ethnic touch to your winter clothes by picking up the finest and most luxurious unstitched suits from Gul Ahmed’s new winter collection 2018. Floral prints and bold hues adorning the velvet, pashmina and silk wool, helps you to reveal the diva inside you. One can get the whole combination of digital printed shirt with embroidery embellishments and dyed bottoms paired with different designs according to different fabrics.

The new Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2018 fuse the magic and beauty of nature with the technology, sophistication and performance of fabrics, which creates a winning combination of trendy and comfortable clothes .You can easily enhance your mood and energize your day with lovely prints and luxe fabrics, conjugating natural ones with digital prints, specially on digital kurtis. Gul Ahmed incorporated high end fabrics in this winter collection 2018, a classic assortment including silk wool, silk velvet, khaddar, viscose, silk chiffon and linen. These popular fabrics can never get out of style. The whole range is so perfect for winter, there is something for everyone. The rich embroideries along with the beautiful prints on the soft warm fabrics stand a class apart. The versatility of the Ideas winter collection 2018 is endless, you can fashion them in a million ways. This collection speaks to the woman of today, she is traditional yet modern, she is a working woman with a thriving social life, and she wants to be comfortable without compromising on style. She needn’t look any further than Gul Ahmed.

Perhaps, there is one must value addition that every girl should have in her closet. These will become your best friend when it comes to keeping you warm and trendy. You can drape soft pashminas and shawls available this winter by Gul Ahmed in all sorts of colors, and textures to match with outfits, no matter the occasion. Functional and fashionable. What’s not to love? It’s a statement piece that’s sure to make an impact, all the while keeping you super cosy for those cold winter days! Bright and bold tones are extra fun to lift your look; adding texture, volume and color all in one. While doing it, why not also get matching fashion accessories like purses and ladies shoes to get the complete winter look!

Pakistani Men’s Clothes – The True Elegance

For the past few years we all have noticed a BIG change in color options for men. This season Gul Ahmed men’s winter collection 2018 creates a whole different men’s fashion comprising of rich, bold and strong choice of colors with a flexibility of add-ons. A breath of freedom always urges in fashion to make a style statement. Nowadays, many trends and styles are going hand in hand along with small trims, cuts, and pleats allow enough freedom to men. Gul Ahmed is more focused towards the feel of freedom infused with an ethnic touch to wear men’s clothes with more confidence and style.

This winter, Gul Ahmed men’s winter clothes brings whole a lot better for all the men out there! Take a look back to our memories, Pakistani clothes for men was bound to some elementary colors along with plain fabrics. The younger generation tended to adopt western clothing instead of our traditional shalwar kameez on different events. However, Gul Ahmed takes a step forward with a whole, contemporary range and a myriad of choices in Gul Ahmed’s winter collection for men. Unstitched gents kurta suits are available in a wide range of patterned and printed, woven fabrics.
Change is an essential aspect of our lives, we need it to evolve as we move forward. Similarly, a change in dressing sense and adapting different kind of styles keeps you mood positive and mind fresh. Gul Ahmed men’s winter collection 2018 is taking part to give you a variety of choice to break the monotony and you can do various experiments for a refreshing change. Gul Ahmed men’s collection 2018 encourages every man not to feel hesitate but to experiment with their winter wardrobe.

The overall focus is towards the fusion of ethnic with contemporary fashion for the latest fashion in men’s clothes. Shalwar Kameez, in ethnic wear is a timeless eternal fashion statement that can never fade. The most rooted, shalwar kameez is breaking grounds by modifying itself through the finest fabric with modern texture and woven designs. Pakistani men’s clothes have gone through many stages of development and advancement hence becoming more and more mature, sophisticated, elegant and on trend. Men’s Shalwar Kameez has been attained from many years for many traditional events, like weddings, nikkah ceremony, and iftar parties and especially for groom, it has been considered as an iconic dress code with slight changes.

Banu Shawls for men

Are you people aware that shawl were originally a male garment? They came all the way from our Mughal emperors. They revolutionized the art of shawls, offering different shapes and patterns so that it can be accommodated in west. Shawls were carried as a daily wear to embrace the dignity, elegance and nobility to elaborate the traditional perception of clothing. Shawls have been passed down by generations of ancestors.

Gul Ahmed winter collection 2018 perceived the inspiration from our ancestral times and turn over a new leaf by reforming the designs to preserve our traditional wear. It is perfect for some ghazal night, formal event and also nikkah ceremonies. So just free yourself from carrying jackets and coats every day and get your best piece by Gul Ahmed banu shawls to stay warm this winter!

Wash and Wear fabric is a must-have!

Do you think it’s difficult in winter to be stylish and stay warm at the same time? Well, the answer is NO! Now you can stand out this winter with the right fabric. Gul Ahmed maintains its legacy by providing options for men’s clothing. A range of comfortable, smooth textures, and soft feel along with great drape fabrics create a perfect look for this chilly winter, maintain your style and elegance at the same time. Aesthetically, it goes perfectly with several footwear options pairing with waistcoat and shawls. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best picks from Gul Ahmed winter collection for men and exude elegance at any event!

So are you on board with Gul Ahmed new winter collection 2018? The good news is that the Gul Ahmed Winter Sale is happening right now with up to 70% off on both men and women winter clothes. So, rush to the winter sale page and shop the trendiest Pakistani winter clothes at discounted prices before they are gone because stocks are limited.