You know you have unlocked a new level of adulthood when shopping for bath linen excites you and when crazy mismatched colors and stiff, smelly towels and bathrobes are simply a no go!

Another sign of adulting – you start noticing the most routine elements. On your next vacation notice how the towels at the spa or the resort you are staying at look a bit…different? Not the plush, thick-n-crusty kind that most of us are used to. Rather, we speak of the finer, symmetrical, well-constructed-looking towels that appear as though they have just been taken out from, well...a waffle maker.

While your daily bathing routine might not feel deluxe, the best waffle towels can change that. Waffle towels not only look beautiful but their honeycomb style construction makes them super functional, too.


The waffle-weave style is making many appearances in aspirational bathroom interior photos on Instagram. So, what’s with all the buzz?

Here’s a few things that will certainly get you on board the waffle towel team!

1. They’re super absorbent! A waffle towel’s texture is just like that of its edible counterpart. The grooved weave not only allows for the towel to absorb water effectively, but its unique structure allows it to dry faster because air is allowed to flow through the towel more easily. Genius, right? This helps the towel remain fresh for a longer period, which otherwise results in towels giving off a strange odor. Added point of benefit – a waffle towel become incredibly soft and snuggly with every wash.


2. They take up less storage space. Whether in your linen closet or the washing machine, the fine construction of our all-new waffle towels takes up less space. This low storage attribute makes them a popular choice for spas and resorts.

3. The perfect companion for your travels. Quick to dry and lean to pack…what more could one want from a towel or bathrobe when traveling? The world is finally ready to travel to their favorite destinations after 2 whole years of staying indoors. And packing your own towels is travelling essentials 101.


4. Added advantage = Exfoliation! A fabulous added benefit to using Ideas home all-new waffle towels is their exfoliation component! The bulging, cavitied surface creates just the right texture for a mini facial from the comfort of your home!

5. The perfect bathroom accessory. Having guests over this summer? A neat stack of waffle weave towels in your guest bathroom or bedroom will give a fantastic impression.

6. Waffle towels are environmentally friendly. Using waffle towels in the bathroom can be an environmentally friendly choice as well. The use of a waffle towel to dry one's hair before using a hairdryer is an excellent solution. The waffle weave of the towel will trap and absorb water so that the hair will be drier before the hairdryer is used. This means less electricity is needed to dry hair and less heat can damage the hair.


Our waffle towels are available in hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet sizes with almost six color variations! Convinced to shop a set yet? For a great selection of waffle weave towels in 3 classic sizes, shop Ideas Home all-new Waffle Towels

Happy waffling!