Come what season, every woman’s eternal fascination for a shiny new wardrobe will never cease to exist. And to continue breathing desire, Gul Ahmed’s new collection, The Jewelled Festive Eid Collection brings forth the essence and galore in our hearts that is brought upon by Eid in the form of a wide range of regal ensembles.

The Jewelled Festive Collection is a splendid visage of beautiful looking and feel-good materials such as Chiffons, Silks and Jacquard entwined with intricate embroidery so you can exhibit an air of supremacy with an array of vivid colours swaying from gender neutrals, to pastel hues and bright shades that are absolutely perfect to celebrate a cheerful occasion in the sweltering summers. The play with varied textures, bead work and diamanties with delicate lace work, and tassels are the condiments that add extra flavor and zest to a mundane outfit, putting you under the spotlight.

Gul Ahmed’s The Jewelled Festive Collection has twelve sub-collections and each sub-collection is an assortment of cool shades such as Aqua, Pink, Ivory and Mint etc and more where each colour is complemented with a luxurious fabric and add-on’s such as motifs, sequins, the use of organza and embroidered zari which is paired with dupattas and bottoms to give each outfit an affluent look over all. And since summer time is more about the burst of colours, so expect to imagine a rainbow with all the possible mix and matches in this collection since each piece is a timeless art of work. Each sub-collection identifies with a certain part of who we are from a classic bold look, to ethnic and modern designs and trending block prints. Thus, the Jewelled Festive Collection has a bit of everything for everyone this Eid.

If you’r e looking for the perfect outfit for yourself, the artistry in Gul Ahmed’s collection will appeal your taste, especially the price range that starts from Rs. 2,500/- and goes up to Rs. 12,990/- and will be available in stores and online from May 4, so embrace the festive mood of this un-stitched collection for the complete look.

Credits : SiddySays