With the midsummer season here in full swing, it’s time to rummage through your closet for the best pieces that would fit perfectly well with the occasion. It's the season of cheery vibes at a food festival, bright days at a park, and night outs at the beach. Midsummer is not just a season but it’s safe to call it a celebration. Thus, with all those high spirits you need to be stocked with the right looks as well that you’re going to rock this season.

Giving an ode to this year’s midsummer, Gul Ahmed has launched their all-new Bagh-e-Gul Cambric Collection. A concoction of lit colors and artful designs, the collection helps one truly relish the midsummer vibes. Enough with the words, here, I’ll take you on a tour through the brand-new collection. Fasten your seat belts, ladies!

Little Miss Sunshine

For the ray of sunshine that you bring in the lives of people near you, you deserve the best of the best. Here, we are talking about the little miss sunshine who is always cheerful and happy. This shirt-piece from Gul Ahmed is made for you. Its exciting colors and intricate floral motifs would make you stand out from the crowd. Donning this attire, you’re definitely pulsating energy wherever you go!

Rock your blues

Oh, no! Monday is here again. And so are the blues it brings with it. But, this time around you won’t let it get to you. Because, this time, you have your armor on you. It’s this unbelievably pretty one-piece unstitched shirt from Gul Ahmed. Infused with the lively colors of midsummer and the season’s blossoming flowers, this shirt is definitely going to put you in the best of spirits! Ladies, your Mondays are just going to get better.

Easy n’ breezy

This season is all about cool breezes, bare-foot walks on the beach and the feeling of being free. All these activities call for you to dress in refreshing hues, just like this one here. A soothing combination of white and blue, complemented by an aesthetic floral print, this shirt is everything ultra-stylish and chic.

Slay your summer fashion

If you’re looking forward to effortlessly slaying your look this season, here’s the perfect outfit you can do so with. This green unstitched shirt from Gul Ahmed’s Bagh-e-Gul Collection brings all the right midsummer vibes in the atmosphere. Which means a lot more fun, enthusiasm and ample of fashion-inspo for others! You’re definitely upping the fashion game this season, hon.

The season’s à la mode

A fan of bold colors and powerful prints? Welcome to the club. Having a similar fetish, I’m always on the lookout for an outfit that speaks for itself. And, this pink and black one does exactly that. Basking in the glory of a blooming print and a vogue color combination, you are definitely turning up the heat this season. High pony tails, dazzling accessories and vibrant prints, this midsummer is a fashion affair!

Pastel Aesthetics

Delve into the magic of pastels this season. The soft hues have a vibe similar to summer sunrises. This off-white and red shirt is an evidence to that. Just like the summer skies, the shirt has an inviting and homely feel to it. Trust me, your wardrobe is aching for something like this.

Summertime Celebrations

Summer is the calling for celebration and lots of parties. Summers should be spent with a blast, whether it’s through barbeque parties, beach parties or even those suppers and buffets you go out to. The season is nothing less than an occasion. Thus, your wardrobe should be stocked with panache pieces that would help you create an impression wherever you go. This black shirt from Gul Ahmed perfectly matches the mood! It’s peppy, fun and bold – best for the boss lady you’re!

A mixture of classy and colorful dresses, this list should be your go-to piece of advice when you feel ambiguous with your wardrobe. Gul Ahmed’s Bagh-e-Gul Cambric Collection is out now in stores and online, grab your favorites TODAY!