After two long and lazy months of vacations, it’s finally the ‘back to school’ time of the year. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be celebrating this. Literally. Let’s weigh out the reasons. For one, you don’t have to listen to the constant ammi kid dant, nor would you have to hear dad scream because of the take away you ordered for the umpteenth time this month. And the constant bickering and fighting with your siblings finally comes to an end.

Not to forget, it’s time to be productive again after the months you have wasted lazing in bed all day. Feeling the celebratory mood coming along? Ahan!

With the mood and spirit high now, you should now think about all the ways you’re going to flaunt that fresh and clear skin and toned body at college. Of course, with some super lit looks. Ah, relieve those stress lines on your forehead. Here comes a list from Ideas that puts forth some of the freshest and most reasonable designs you won’t be able to refuse!

Looking forward to curb those Monday blues? Well, well, well. We have the perfect dress for you. This floral sea green printed shirt is all things beautiful and stunning. Exuding tranquil and serene vibes, donning this shirt would ensure you a good Monday, and a perfect start to the new semester.

Turn your Tuesdays into a classy affair with this sophisticated white top featuring draw string details. White is going to swiftly fight away any negative thoughts, all the while giving you a boss look. Oh, also, don’t you want to flaunt that toned body you worked so hard for throughout the vacations?

Thinking of opting for a bold look? Worry not, because that’s exactly what this multi-colored kurti from Ideas Pret is going to give you; a lot of confidence, and a gorgeous bold look. You’re already getting a lot of fans this semester, girl!

Aren’t you already excited for the weekend that’s coming up? Start planning the dinner parties and the movie outings. For the excitement that’s already building up, you need to project it outwards as well. With this cheerful pink outfit, you would be able to do exactly that. Spread the happy and positive vibes around you and get ready for the approaching fun!

Get ready to dance your daylights out because the day is finally here. Fridays literally call for parties and nights out with friends. For such adventurous endeavors, this blue top is going to be your companion. Along with an elegant and stylish look, the animal print on the pocket details would add grunge and edginess to it!

With all your looks for the week sorted, you can now easily go back to day dreaming about that hot plate of chicken biryani and cold coke and wait for the class to finally end!