We all know that diamonds are the real MVPs in a woman’s life. But whoever said that, forgot to give the version of the saying for men. Well, shirts are a man's best friend in all situations, be it a formal dinner or a casual night out, shirts would always stick with you in all times. Ideas Man has a wide variety of dress and casual shirts that are supreme in quality and unparalleled in style. Wait. The best part is yet to come. They are affordable as well! Now, shirts that look fly and come at a price that fits your budget – is there a better thing in this world? Ideas Man enables you to take this pleasure. Don't believe us? Look for yourself.

Here’s a list of casual and dress shirts that perfectly combine comfort and functionality with fashion from Ideas Man under Rs.3,000.

Serene blue

An important meeting coming up? You’d surely want to create the best impression on everyone and your appearance plays an important role in that. Wear this light blue formal shirt under a blazer and it would add the right amount of class to your personality. Its elegance and grace would ooze confidence in you that would help you outshine in the meeting. The slim fit shirt is made out of 100% cotton which means premium quality. Now you know Ideas Man is a safe bet to make.

Bold n’ blue

This dark blue patterned shirt is an embodiment of what Ideas Man is all about; sophistication, class, and poise. For summers, this shirt is perfect for any occasion. Made of top of the line quality – 100% cotton, the shirt is soft and breathable. Moreover, its slim-fit feature accentuates the physique. So, wearing this shirt for your next party would surely mean a lot of heads turning your way. With all these features, the shirt comes at an affordable price that’s easy to pay. Now you can shop the shirt without having to worry about spending too much.

White Delight

Are you meeting your college friends after some years? Well, you ought to dress well for it. Your look should represent both; the fun-loving teenager you were and the chic adult you are now. This white casual shirt is perfect for such an occasion. Its casualness is exciting and the white color adds the spark of elegance to it. Moreover, the blue and white striped patch attached to its sleeves adds the element of charm to the clothing. All the money is for the design of the shirt!

Style in a box

So, blues and whites are usually the go-to colors when opting for a shirt. However, if you’re someone who loves experimenting, this shirt from Ideas Man is the one for you! This black and grey box checkered shirt screams of mysteriousness and adventure. Since it’s slim fit, it would hug your body and highlight it from the right places. The shirt has a grungy feel to it, and the bold grey and black tones perfectly compliment it. Make sure you wear some wrist bands with it, they would serve as the cherry on top for the look.

The striped affair

My personal favorite. A blue lined shirt is what you need to wear at the next barbeque party with your family. This shirt, has the perfect good boy vibe to it. Thus, it’d be your best choice for any family event. This piece of clothing from Ideas Man would definitely bring out your innocence and charm and give you the boy next door look. Tip: Pull back your hair by styling them with a gel and go for an elegant watch to complete your look for the day.

Checkered elegance

Coming back to the formal side, if you’re on a lookout for a shirt that’s stylish as well as affordable, this purple and brown checkered shirt should be your first choice. This classic-fit shirt made out of 100% cotton, from high-quality yarn, is indeed a masterpiece from Ideas Man. The shirt has a feeling of rebellion in it, thanks to its colors – purple and brown. You better purchase it right away and show off some style everywhere you wear it.

These are just a few best shirts you’d find at Ideas Man. Several others are waiting to be found. You just need to have the right eyes for them. These shirts would make you feel special every time you rock them!