Often taken for granted, t-shirts are wardrobe staples possessing a versatility that’s just not highlighted enough. So let’s bring these essentials into the spotlight, shall we? 

Apparently summers don’t plan on leaving us soon (regardless of how much we’d want). TBH, I think t-shirts are wrongly labelled as a summer-only basic, they’re more of an all-year-round attire. I mean what exactly do you plan on wearing underneath your cardigan or denim jacket when the cold takes over? 

Nevertheless, you can’t ignore the fact that they’re probably the most relied-upon item in your summer-wardrobe as compared to any other staple. From random hang outs to sudden breakfast plans, “fun in the sun” kind of days and evening strolls, t-shirts rule the casual kingdom.  

But basics and boring don’t have to be a package deal, right? 

So guess what? Tees just got interesting at IDEAS. Let your fashion do the talking this summer with these top 5 tees that’ll prevent your closet from going dull and bland. 

You’ll need to keep reading of course.

That’s “Awesome”!

It’s okay to be a bit self-obsessed sometimes and you can show that off without uttering a word (wink). With a black back-drop, this expression-tee can be compatible with almost every pair of denim bottoms you own. Though sneakers are a t-shirt’s favorite footwear, there’s no rule of thumb which says you can’t pull off a pair of flats with the attire. Tuck it in or keep it free-style, it’s totally your call! Or if you want a more edgy look, go for a front-knot. 



Time to get “back-to-black”

There’s no way you can avoid having an all-black t-shirt in your wardrobe. It’s a major fashion sin if your closet is devoid of this staple. On the contrary if you’re a gal who embraces her passion for black, this slogan-tee is the perfect basic for you. Add some chic accessories to your look if you’re crashing a casual party - some black studs or hoops will do the trick, paired with white jeans and maybe let your hair loose – well, literally and metaphorically (wink). 


Just “be-You-tiful”

Can’t you hear “just the way you are” playing in the background when you lay eyes on this shirt? I’m sure you can if you’re a Bruno Mars fan like me. Don’t worry, that’s not a condition to own this tee. This is actually a personal favorite. 


That “be-YOU-tiful” slogan, it’s exactly what I’d want to flaunt. Wouldn’t you? Wear it with whatever you think brings out the beauty within you. Some light make-up or thick liner, a soft bun or a pony tail half done - just be yourself my girl! 

Some sisterly advice: this t-shirt’s an “in your face” sort of thing for those aunties who want you to look like THEIR concept of “beautiful” so never hesitate to select this as your go-to shirt where they’re bound to turn-up! (hehehehe)

How about we “keep it simple”!

Simple’s what defines a t-shirt look, right? Even better if “keep it simple” is what your motto is. You can now literally wear that slogan at every get-together or even to college for that matter! So be the minimalist that you are and still turn heads this season in this new trendsetter from Salt by IDEAS Pret


Good fashion is always a “limited edition”

Aren’t we all a limited edition? (Pun intended!) I mean there’s just one of us TBH, embrace that! But I’m not here for motivational talk, let’s get back to fashion. Since this tee’s got some color to it, you can easily pair it with a yellow cross-shoulder bag and a pair of neon sneakers if you’re in a good mood but white sneaks are in so you can stick to that staple. 


Girls and ladies it’s about time our casuals got interesting, right? Hit the shop button and refresh your casual closet NOW!