The Wardrobe Necessities:

A woman can’t have too many shoes? The statement needs some alteration because us ladies can’t have too much of fashion accessories that’re classy, trendy and of course the perfect match to our personality and outfit.

Point to be noted is ‘You don’t get to say “too much” when it comes to our fashion accessories buying especially when there’s so much that’s waiting to be bought. Having established that notion, there’s nevertheless the confusion of what to pair with whatever you wear and which style to pick?

Just to assist all you gals and ladies out there in your pursuit for the ideal wardrobe and fashion wear here’s a fashion accessories shopping-guide along with a list of 4 style-up tips to help you decide what looks better together.

Purses and Bags Come for all Ages and Wages

1. Teenage sensation: To make it less vague, these are basically purses and bags for girls in their teens, mostly comprising of over-the-shoulder or cross-body bags. So here’s a piece of fashion advice: a cross-body looks great with a western attire but don’t mess up the look of this add-on by pairing it with a traditional kurti. Unless you’re out for a field trip or casual outing where anything goes, kurtis and cross-shoulders are a big NO!

2. A Clutch apart: So what we mean to say here is your clutch can actually be the defining fashion accessory to your overall look. You could look like 9/10 but pick up a wrong clutch with the wrong attire and you’d drop down to a 6.

Envelope clasp, vivid clutches are usually your companion for a hang out with peers or even to match with your office apparels. Though mostly accompanied by a wristlet, you’ll find a chain strap attached to some of these little wonders, so if you’re below eighteen, you’ll pull off that look smoothly with a pair of tee and jeans.

Embellished and textured clutches especially those that have a touch of gold and silver are your formal tag along for all those festive occasions where a lipstick and mascara can be veiled with ease by these glittering charmers.

3. Oh my tote: Who said you can’t be practical and stylish all in one? Totes are no longer a typical shopper’s bag, some like these stylish Gul Ahmed bags can be the ultimate game changer when it comes to fashion accessories. Be it a shopping spree or another day to work, there’s a lot to carry and a tote’s our vogue rescuer!

4. Go-to Hobo: Trendy and spacious! Usually flaunting a crescent like shape with a medium-length strap they are the friendliest hand carries for ladies of all ages (almost all). Why you may ask? That’s because: 1. they’ll accommodate all your essentials with zero arrogance

2. They don’t come with reservations or compromises on the latest trends (appearance matters)

3. Be it a kurti or a western top, they’re just as compatible with one as they are with the other!

Oh yes and just to blow away those second thoughts: hobos are no longer bland, essential-camouflages. In recent years chic adornments and happening add-ons have perked up the hobos into must-have fashion accessories!

Life Seems Meaningless without a Good Pair of Ladies Shoes, Doesn’t it?

There are two basics when it comes to footwear: the high and mighty heels and the down to earth but just as fashionable flats. Despite this, one pair can never be like the other one. What we mean to say here is: every shoe design is distinct, irreplaceable and remarkable hence the statement: a woman can never have too many ladies shoes!

While heels are mostly your ideal red carpet or corporate-look accessory, flats have been quite the ladies’ shoes, being not just trendy but equally comfy, complimenting outfits from traditional apparels to voguish, western attires. Pearls and other alluring adornments studded in ladies’ sandals draw a line between semi-formal, formal and casual flats.

Now for the Style Guide: Fashion Accessories and the perfect match

Truly Traditional

So when it comes to being ethnic all over, be very careful what you pair with your attire. We’d suggest a gold/silver semi-formal clutch (depending on the zari work or embroidery) when you’re up for wearing a traditional kurti or a conspicuous shalwar kameez, well-suited for a festive occasion. On the other hand if you’re traditional by choice, wearing a printed or solid kurti over a pair of plain trousers perhaps then a casual, envelope flap clutch is your best match.

Wait! It’s not over yet! Shoes are something we can’t afford to forget. A pair of flats works best with anything that’s traditional. Nevertheless if you’re wearing some palazzos or bell bottom trousers below than heels might just look better to steal the show!

All Formal

Where fashion accessories are concerned, there’s a fine line between your work-place formals and party wear. Clutches and cross bodies are best to be avoided. Hobos and totes are best at work provided you don’t go with one that has too much bling and shows off a sobriety while being trendy.

Ironically though, when you’re bound to be formal at a party or festive occasion, just go bonkers with glittery clutches and pearl adorned purses while your footwear too should be restricted to being elegant yet flashy.

We’d suggest a pair of coat shoes with block heels when you’re scheduled for a presentation or an official meeting but go easy on your feet on a daily basis by wearing some sober flats to work.

It’s a West-Thing

With a pair of jeans and a chic top such as those from Salt by Ideas, there’s a massive range of bags and footwear that’ll compliment the look. Let’s just say the western apparels adjust well with many fashion accessories. What’s a big no here than? A traditional party clutch. Please just don’t make this a deadly fusion of fashion by pairing your western wear with glittery, ethnic clutches

From pumps to flat sandals and platform heels, a top and jeans will pair up with just about anything! Want to hear some really good news? All fashion accessories will be going on massive discounts during the Gul Ahmed Winter Clearance Sale. So act fast before all the items are gone!

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