Pakistani Dresses 2018: Your wardrobe check for every occasion

Pakistani dresses: A merger of cultures

Much like Urdu, our national language, Pakistani dresses too are an amalgam of diverse cultures, inheriting styles particularly from the subcontinent, owing to pre-partition days. Over the passage of time, many other cultures have crept gracefully into Pakistani dress designs, as designers continue to incorporate distinct styles from all over the world in their own unique way, while simultaneously retaining a basic cultural identity.

From casual kurtis to stylish party wear, Pakistani dresses have pretty much dominated the fashion world, with ladies’ dresses being amidst the most sought-after category, both locally and overseas.

The Pakistani wardrobe: Your Check list

-Shalwar Kameez

Common yet never a let-down, let’s start off with our traditional shalwar kameez, the national apparel of Pakistan and the ancestor of all Pakistani dresses.

Though shalwar kameez designs have evolved over time, the cultural basics are never abandoned even by top-notch designers. Shalwar Kameez , 2018, mostly features modified shalwars such as the tulip shalwar, dhoti, Patiala and harem shalwars along with shirts (kameez), flaunting distinctive necklines which can glamorize the entire outfit or tone it down a bit all the same.

Contemporary sleeves such as bell, knotted sleeves, cold-shoulder and cap sleeves too are now a defining feature of designer dresses in particular.

A variety of hem styles have been introduced over the years such as high-low hem, rounded or straight, playing a significant role in determining the apparel’s compatibility with a particular occasion.


Taking inspiration from shalwars and western pants to deliver a stylish fusion of glamor and tradition, we all might agree that trousers are a wardrobe staple amongst our Pakistani dresses aren’t they? Just think about it; ethic wear can never look the same over a pair of jeans or dress-pants can it?

Nevertheless chic and trendy have always been a major focus of designers so that you can pair up your shirts with something that makes your outfit look perfect.

Apart from unique styles such as straight trousers, plazo pants, cigarette pants, Capris and some which are a depiction of east meets west such as the bell-trousers, there’s a lot that has been going on with trousers these days. No longer are they just bland bottoms for your ultra-stylish tops! Oh no, skip that thought.

From pearl studded pants to crisscross trousers and buttons at the side, attention to details is an essential component of all happening trousers these days.


We all know how important these have become in our fashion-forward daily lives. Can’t decide what to wear today? We’ll mostly just put on a kurti. Too hot to go outside but can’t avoid those outdoor plans? A digital kurti will always suffice.

As with the shalwar kameez shirts, kurtis too are no longer conventional. Minute detailing is of as much significance as the styling and stitching itself. Over-lapping front panels, diverse neck-lines with the unavoidable, trending variety of sleeve-styles, nowadays mostly inspired from the 70’s and 80’s fashion.

In fact dress designs 2018, including fancy dresses and party wear seem like a blast from the past or a flash-back to the generation ex’s styling.

-Lehnga/gharaara (the bridal phenomenon)

You might’ve seen your grandmas wear those cotton ghararas? Yes that’s how the fashion began, another inheritance from the sub-continent, yet these too have been altered and contemporary designs are now a prominent feature of most weddings or related occasions.

-The Anarkali frocks

Dating back to the time of Mughals, anarkali frocks are an unforgotten fashion even in the 21st century. The typical anarkali frock though still an inspiration for many designers too has been styled up into a variety of distinctive designs, catering to diverse tastes.

Pakistani Fashion for every occasion

A fact that’s as old as fashion itself; ladies can never have too much dresses, hence a wardrobe update and extension isn’t really dependent on an upcoming occasion.

Nevertheless, there is essentially a requirement for every event and Pakistani dresses are always an option since there’s such a wide variety to choose from, owing to the emergence of innumerable designers and brands over the years.

Narrowing down the list of events into those which are a common denominator amongst all Pakistanis, we’ve short-listed a variety of Pakistani dresses that are just right for your days and night:

Day-time get together: A straight, lawn shirt with a tulip shalwar and a georgette dupatta to match is an idealistic ensemble for casual dinners, a brunch or a day-time hang out with your favorite gals. Similarly a simple lawn digital kurti with stylish details such as peplum sleeves or a knotted neck line is always a charmer for a girl’s day-out.

Office Days: If you think Pakistani dresses can’t be part of your work-day wardrobe, you need a reality check! Straight, printed trousers with monochrome kurtis or plain trousers paired with a colorful shirt and even a sophisticated shalwar kameez are enough to make an impression that portrays sobriety in fashion.

Eid sheed : When the occasion calls for it, adornments, embroideries and glittery-add ons are the highlights of Pakistani dresses. Having your very own festive ensembles is a life-saver for those out-of-the-blue, sudden invitations. Never be skeptical of a fancy formal dress such as an embroidered kurti, ornamented with pearls or a jacquard outfit with exquisite zari work, paired with trousers that flaunt stylish details when you’re eager to steal the spot light!

Wedding Bells: As long as you don’t put a veil over your head and try to imitate the bride herself, you can hardly go wrong with lehngas and ghararas and all other party-wear Pakistani dresses, tailored to make you look Desi-ily glamorous. Just don’t go over-board with the lehngaas if your shirt’s sparkling too much and vice versa. Another pointer: don’t go overboard if you’re not really a near and dear one, in those cases a fully embroidered kurti with opulent pants or an anarkali frock is the best option.

So are you adding some new trends to your wardrobe of Pakistani Dresses this season?