“Men aren’t concerned with how ugly or mundane their winter gear looks as long as it serves its basic purpose which is apparently to keep the cold at bay”, said whoever clearly has a lot to know about how seriously men take their fashion, especially when the Celsius scale keeps falling. That’s the cue: let the layers reveal the style maestro within you!
Speaking of style however, let’s not allow egos to rise too much as the temperature drops because we (men) tend to form attachments with our “so last year” winter wardrobe which may just not be in our best interests particularly if our New Year Fashion goals include that “all eyes on me” statement.

Where there’s a will to standout, there’s always a guide that helps you out and we’ll be yours for the season. Here are 7 winter wardrobe upgrades along with a comprehensive style-up guide to heat things up as the season shows no intentions of aborting mission: colder than ever!


Turn up the Flame in bright colored knits

We’re disowning the cliché which establishes that men prefer milder hues or that BGB (blue, gray and black) are the only staples for the male gender. As 2021 calls for a “look at the bright side” motivational statement, let your wardrobe speak for you!

Turn up the heat with a vibrant flame-imitating sweater from IDEAS MAN that’s certain to ignite conversation even where you least expect it because hey, everyone needs info on where to get what’s trending, right? Round necks have also hopped their way into 2021, being the most trustworthy companion for cable knits, hence this sweater’s got nothing outdated attached to its portfolio.

Style tip: Don’t go too light down there and pair your fiery colored sweater with blue or black denim bottoms to keep the bold charm balanced yet highlighted simultaneously.

A valuable piece of advice: don’t go showing off your brighter side (or sweaters to be more precise) at the annual corporate dinner. The gentleman’s style “rule book” states that bright colored layers are inversely proportional to how seriously you’ll be taken at formal events. A bummer but true!


The Harley Davidson look

Admit it! We’ve all been out on the streets, riding a Harley Davidson while nailing the leather jacket “bad-boy” look until our alarms go off and the road (or rather dream) comes to an end. Well, the bike can wait but the look doesn’t have to wait for a bike. When winter begins we call it sweater-weather but when the cold gets merciless we turn to leather for our layers.

Insulation is significant when it comes to layering up but how can we compromise on keeping it suave? That’s why leather jackets are a God-sent for men when the temperature likes sliding down but our style needs to go up.

Even though black and blue leather jackets are renowned to bring out the best in a man no matter the attire underneath, we’re still not letting you get off that easy. When it comes to trends, let’s respect them and be proper about layering-up. Start off with a basic white or black tee (preferably white for black/blue jackets) but if the cold’s being naughty a white/gray/blue sweater will do. Complete the look with a pair of black denim pants and slay away as you turn up the collar of your favorite leather!

Style tip: All you need in your wardrobe for any fashion emergency (or when you’re too lazy) is a basic tee, denim pants and a black leather jacket that’ll turn your look from drab to fab in minutes!


The urban man: pattern makes perfect

Winter’s the perfect excuse to go classy without including the element of ‘boring’ in your attire. Sweaters may be under-rated as semi-formal attires but that’s far from the truth. It’s easier to look urbane in a patterned snug sweater than it is to pull off dressy garments in events that are not too casual nor too formal.

We’re certain this gray patterned knit will be your multipurpose style companion this season. Whether you’re heading to meet-up with the gang or a family dinner, you need not make much effort if you’ve got this waiting in your wardrobe.
Style tip: Sometimes when you’ve got to show off a dapper look while flaunting patterns at the same time, you’ve got to layer-up smartly. If you’re thinking “hmm…this sweater alone won’t stop the shivers” start off with a full-sleeved t-shirt that’s warm enough before you top it off with this sweater.


Sweatshirt swag

Winter has its moods and for those unexpected mood swings we need the right kind of layers at the ready! So the trick is to beat the slight winter chills while not feeling too stuffy and of course keeping up with the trends all the same.

This is where sweatshirts save the day! They’re what we may also call pull-over sweaters but unlike sweaters they’re usually stitched from polyester or cotton (a less warmer yet still cozy-enough material) instead of wool. Another interesting point worth noting is that sweaters are more “dressy” than sweatshirts as sweaters tend to be more adaptable to the shape of the wearer whereas sweatshirts are stubborn that way! A sweatshirt won’t change shape thus they fall into the “casual-wear” category unless you’re least concerned about playing by the rules.

Sorry for the boring bit of info but we’re sure that’s something you’ll thanks us for later. Coming back to sweatshirts as a winter fashion staple, we’d like to bring your attention to this tricolored pullover from IDEAS MAN. Incorporating all the complementary hues (blue, red and gray), you’re just going to regret not including this swag-promising apparel in your checkout list this season.