Winter chills and New Year thrills go hand in hand. That’s how it has been and that’s how it will be (possibly), at least in three quarters of the world! So we’re presuming you’ve already made a few resolutions including making your life simple by buying ready to wear. There might even be some pending ones from 2018 but let’s just not get accustomed to dragging along everything from last year into the next shall we?

First thing’s first. Even though we’re not actually brainwashing you to throw away your 2018 ready to wear pret from the closet, it’s an unsaid rule that last year’s trends lose their cool. Fashion changes as swiftly as the date on your calendar! Invitations for varying occasions pile up as the New Year commences (sometimes even before) and we can empathize how significant it is to be prepared with the best ready to wear outfits.

Don’t you worry milady IDEAS pret, ready to wear has got your back with everything new on the rack. But that’s not the sole reason to get excited….

….not only is every collection in line with the latest fashion, they are all on SALE as well and that too up to 70% off! Now isn’t that one giant cherry on the top?

So down here is all you’d want to wear subsequent to the commencement of the New Year.

Winter Wows

The cold isn’t going anywhere soon enough and girls need more than just cardigans and sweaters to style up. That’s where two of this year’s trendiest ready to wear collections step in to rescue the day. Whether you like to experiment with colors or are more of a staunch denim lover, we’ve got you covered for months to come!


Welcome to the world of miscellaneous colors and prints! If you’re quite over the monochromatic, blacks and whites or those conventional polka dots and stripes, you really wouldn’t mind strolling (in stores or online) to get your hands on this collection of pret wear. These ready to wear, kurtis are not only winter-friendly due to their khaddar fabric but are also in constant denial to compromise on style!

Style up tips/where to wear: all these ready to wear kurtis need, for a look that’s complete, is a pair of trousers (plain or with minute, delicate embroideries over the hem). Wrap up one of our shawls to give it that winter panache touch and wear these ready to wear dresses to a much awaited hang out or a casual brunch!

-Denim Collection

So here’s a thought: what would the fashion world be without denim? More importantly, how would our closets look in the absence of denim to bestow style upon us when nothing else works? Let’s put that horrendous thought away shall we and talk about how we’ve managed to make denim trendier than ever before (yes it’s possible). Incorporating the much sought-after fabric into an ethnic yet chic kurti style outfit, which you can easily flaunt over tights or a pair of pants: our recipe for a look that’s nothing less than perfect! Some ongoing trends such as torn and bell sleeves and the classic high-low hem too have been skillfully blended to make these ready to wear outfits the ultimate must-haves in 2019!

Style up tips/where to wear: So with denim usually there’s not much you need to do other than pull up a pair of pants/trousers or even tights for that matter and let the outfit do the rest.

Wear these trendsetters to work on those casually trendy days or on a lunch date with your favorite gals or perhaps if you’re still a College girl, you’d love being in the limelight all day as you slay in our denim, ready to wear kurtis.

Another class altogether


When the occasion calls for it, it takes a 3 piece, ready to wear outfit to look exquisite. Needless to say however, just any pret wear won’t do when you’ve got to maintain that “gets heads turning around whenever she walks in” look, right? That’s where IDEAS’ Renaissance Collection is all set to make its mark as the major trendsetter in ethnic, ready to wear winter fashion for all your semi-formal occasions that are sure to pile up as the New Year approaches. These pastel wonders are drenched in unparalleled elegance, with each apparel exhibiting a distinct persona of immaculate grace.

Style up tips/where to wear: the only style-up tip that needs to be given here would be to slay with confidence as you flaunt the epitome of grace this year. All that’s necessary after this 3 piece ready to wear ensemble would be a pair of classy heels and you’re good to steal the show!

-Peace Basket

Amidst the best winter collections this season, is IDEAS’ Peace Basket Collection and we can’t help boasting how mesmerizing each article is! Behold an amalgamation of trends and class as each, ready to wear, two piece outfit is an illustration of printed perfection.

Style up tips/where to wear: since the package is already inclusive of a stunning dupatta paired with an elegant shirt, all that’s left is a pair of plain trousers to look your best!

-Classical Ornaments

More often than a lot you’ll be needing a variety of pret wear in your closets that’ll be your go-to outfits to those not-so-formal evening events and some day time festivities as well. Crafted to perfection, Classical Ornaments are an array of ready to wear outfits that need no further adornments. Exhibiting bold and vivid hues, each article is a class apart and you’d probably want to add them all to your cart!

Style up tips/where to wear: pair these trendsetters with plain white/black trousers but if you’re in the mood to flaunt these to an event that requires a bit more then IDEAS’ printed pants might be the best option and you can get them now at 30% off!

All that’s left to do now would be to head over to IDEAS’ SALE and begin the New Year with the best in IDEAS Pret ready to wear!