Men don’t just dress to impress, their wardrobe’s all about standing out in the crowd and as much as we love to be in our comfy attire most of the time, we are in constant denial to compromise on style when the occasion requires. Yes that’s the ground reality and though our gender is considered as being less selective when it comes to apparel: this notion is far from the truth. That’s where Ideas Man takes the wheel and steers guys (young and adults) towards fashion that complements their age and persona with the most stylish dress shirts for men.

So what really is a dress shirt though? Is it an attire restricted to the corporate sector or is there a less formal side to dress shirts for men? For those of you fellas who don’t know, dress shirts for men are more than just men’s formal shirts. They may be worn semi-formally, provided that you tone down a bit on your overall outfit. Dress shirts for men, in general are long-sleeved with buttons and are available in varying colors, often patterned, with stripes or checks.

Apparently not much elaboration might be required when it comes to dress shirts for men but for the gentlemen who pay sincere attention to style and fashion, there’s much more to them than the common man might know. Take a look at these dress shirts for men by Ideas Man that are trending these days and learn how to style them up in accordance with the occasion/event where you’re planning to make an impressive appearance.

The debonair unicolor ones

Most popular and versatile dress shirts for men who are keen on keeping it simple yet sophisticated. Nevertheless, being monochrome doesn’t label you as a boring bloke. In fact white dress shirts for men, in particular were once worn by the elite crowd since the general perception was that only they can afford to wash them every other day. Plain whites and blacks are still considered as the most elegant of all hues in plain dress shirts for men though many vivid colors have also swiftly made their mark in fashion.

Pick a dress shirt from Ideas Man’s Silver Classic Collection and wear it underneath a dark blazer/coat, over a pair of dress pants to match if one of your gang members might be getting hitched (wed) or if you’re scheduled to give a presentation to the big guy (boss) then add a tie for a more serious yet suave look

The patterned swaggers

Checks and stripes have been trending for some time and for the chaps who like it more dynamic, patterned dress shirts for men are a major style statement these days. Check shirts come in varying sizes, from small checks to bigger ones and in diverse colors. Stripes though are usually unicolor, they may either be horizontal or vertical/broad or narrow.

Ideas Man’s Mr. Blue is a game changer for the men who like their wardrobe in shades of blues and yes this collection withholds the best from the world of patterned/textured dress shirts for men. For the dare devils who’re up for experimenting with distinct colors, our Silver Classic Collection has a lot in store for you!

You can easily pull off stripes or check shirts with colored jeans and you’re good to go to work or to a formal dinner. In winters however, it’s best to grab a blazer that goes well with the pant-shirt combination you’ve selected or wear it with a solid colored suit to emit that gentleman appeal.

Button-down classics

For that look that speaks out loud “I’m a gentleman and I have class”, button-down shirts are the classics that are no less than a wardrobe staple this year and for many more to come. Though these aren’t precisely formal shirts and are less dressy, these shirts have a swag of their own. They comprise of collars with buttons at the edges and have a strong impact on a man’s over all look.

For those of you who’re still missing out on these trendsetters, it’s Ideas Man’s Mr. Blue to the rescue once more. Get going to those not so formal lunches in these stylish shirts or pair them up with a casual blazer, jeans and that’s all you need my man to slay all day at work!

Collar Matters

If you didn’t think collars were of much significance in dress shirts for men, you need a reality check sir! Details matter and collars are the most highlighted of them all. You don’t want to go wrong anywhere but especially here.

Spread collars, more technically known as the cut away collars are common in dress shirts for men which are made to be worn underneath a formal coat since they can easily be tucked beneath and it’s best to avoid wearing them, without pairing them. They complement medium to long faces by broadening the features, giving a strong gentleman charisma to your persona.

Wear these to a formal dinner or lunch during the winters or to a business meeting to give off those “serious yet stylish” kind of vibes or even if you’re in the show biz, to a red carpet!

Point collars on the other hand are part of dress shirts for men which are mostly worn without coats or formal blazers and are good enough on their own. The collar points are comparatively closer to one another, with the collar angle being at or less than 60 degrees. Contrary to the cut away collars which broaden the face shape, point collars tend to give an illusion of an elongated face and work well for men with a broader face shape.

You can wear these stylish shirts, available at Ideas Man, daily at work or to official brunches or formal family gatherings and those parties where the dress code calls for you to show off the gentleman within you!

Well, what’s the hold up? Rush to Ideas Man and give your wardrobe a much needed edit for the New Year, at up to 70% off with free delivery nationwide.