Unbeatable and incomparable, the kurta has been around for decades. This is one men’s attire that has never failed in its mission to assist you, in making the impression you desire! From festive to casual and everything in between, a kurta has been there, done that and has always made its mark in the world of fashion.

Dating back to pre-partition times, the traditional kurta has dominated ethnic wear in men’s apparel, and continues to do so till this date. Holding on tight to inspiration that blows in from subcontinent days, the Pakistani kurta has evolved over the years, but retains it’s basic, ethnic appeal.

The perfect depiction of an amalgam of style and tradition, modern-day kurta is more than just a cultural apparel, incorporating contemporary designs into the basic traditional kurta style, presenting a fusion of ‘then’ and ‘now’.

Still wondering how this desi gear steals the show multiple times and much more smoothly than any other men’s wear? Here’s how:

The Casual Culture

Though the general perception, apparently is that western wear conquers all, especially when it comes to hanging out with the bros or a casual get together, nevertheless this notion is a bit exaggerated to be honest. There’s nothing which says comfort with style, for men, like a basic kurta right? Those rolled up sleeves and the swag of a kurta on jeans is explicitly a trend for men who want to keep it casual with a refusal to lag behind in fashion. A printed/plain, cotton kurta beats the heat in summers while khaddar is preferable when the winds get colder.

The trick to making a kurta work on those occasions, where dressing up is a major fashion blunder, is to keeping it simple. Restrict yourself to shades that are subtle with the absence of any embroideries or other conspicuous adornments which will technically render the attire, and you along with it, into a misfit within the casual ambiance.

As mentioned earlier, jeans (including denim and colored) have a high compatibility with the plain kurta when you need to be in your comfy, casual zone. Apart from diverse colors, there’s a lot going on with the basic kurta at Ideas Man that you’d regret missing out on!

Forever Festive

Even if they don’t make it out of the closet all year round, no man can ignore the significance of kurtas when festive occasions start piling up one after another. You may be more of the t-shirt/jeans kinda dude and will still be dependent on a kurta when you’re expected to look ethnic and elegant.

So take our word for it, there’s no better time of the year to go about experimenting with this ethnic outfit, and experiencing the charisma of a traditional kurta, than the onset of the festive season. Vibrant colors and delicate embroideries here and there, often over the collar or around the neck line, are some prominent highlights which draw the line between a casual kurta and one that is befitting a festive occasion. The kurta pajama combination is more often than not, a triumphant attire, when there’s a dire need to look your best, paired with the traditional jutis for that ‘head-to-toe’ perfection.

Here’s a point to be noted though: don’t go overboard when dressing up for the usual festive events. There’s a thin line between getting excessively fancy and appropriately trendy so try to not overdo it much, okay guys?

It’s a Wedding thing

Got those dates marked in your phones? What can we say, we men have a lot on our hands and minds already. Makes it hard to remember who is getting married when? Balancing sanity and a tedious schedule though doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t or wouldn’t be prepared for our best friend’s Mehndi or bro’s wedding!

Well guess who’s the savior when your dress shirts and pants won’t suffice? A stylish, traditional kurta! And yes this is the occasion where you can style it up with zero hesitation.

For a friend’s Mehndi or Engagement ceremony, you could go with the bro dress-code, where all of you wear the same unicolor kurta with contrasting pajamas and a vibrant dupatta complemented by sandals.

Weddings or baraats have differing demands however: you’ll need to level-up on your attire and let loose your desire to fancy it up a bit, after all it’s not every day when our beloved cousin or ‘brother from another mother’ gets hitched! The celebrations call for extreme fashion, so get a bundle of those embroidered kurtas with some zari work, be at sheer ease to go glamorous and pull over a debonair blazer during winter weddings while an ostentatious waist coat over a plain kurta is sufficient in the hotter days.

Nonetheless, just try your best to avoid dressing up too much so that no one confuses you for the groom. In less vague words: don’t overdo it!

Style tips: What suits who?

If you’ve got that Mr. Bachan height and a lean figure, a long length kurta with a mandarin (close fitting) collar along with a buttoned front is your fashion forte.

For men having a more Al Pacino kind of structure, you’ll slay my man in those short length, straight kurtas, often with buttoned sleeves to roll them up when you want more comfort than usual.

For bulky bodies or the muscular gang, open collars are ideal since they aren’t stuffy and won’t emit a look that seems as if you’re stuck in the outfit.

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