“From 9 to 5 I’m one person, I decide who I get to be, after I time out”. Don’t waste your time thinking who this quote belongs to. No man probably ever said it but that’s what goes on in our heads isn’t it?

Let’s just confront the reality with pride: we play two different roles (sometimes even more) but we’ll stick to the basic two: the man at work and the guy after and yes every man must have a wardrobe that’s fit for each of the two. Just visualize the absurdity of wearing your casual shirts amidst that sophisticated air of the corporate world or a formal, dress shirt when the dudes are out and about? Yeah you’d be the talk of the crowd and not in the best of ways.

Now if you’ve got your wear-to-work all worked out and have perhaps neglected the other side of your wardrobe, then buddy you need to snap out of it and revamp your closet before it’s too late!

So gentlemen let’s fill you in on the latest trends in casual shirts before you embark on a quest for the best casual shirts in men’s fashion. The year has just begun and we all know what that means: let us refresh your memory. There’ll be a new stack of invitations to parties, dinners, lunches and hang outs that’ll be awaiting a yes or a no so don’t be restricted where or where not to go just because you’re lacking the appropriate gear bro. Don’t you make that mistake of letting go of your social commitments or social life for that matter just because you’ve got a minimal set of casual shirts. As usual Ideas Man has got you covered.

Check out what you’ll need in your post-work wardrobe this year to tune you up into the ultimate slayer everywhere:

Casual shirts and Formal shirts: knowing the difference

First thing’s first: let’s get your basics right. You don’t go mixing about your 9 to 5 shirts with the out and about ones and that judgment requires some knowledge.

  1. Whilst you just can’t go without tucking in your dress shirt to work, casual shirts just aren’t made for that kind of extra sophistication so don’t make that futile attempt to make a casual shirt work like a formal one.
  2. Prints matter! They are the defining factor mostly between a casual shirt and a formal attire. A formal shirt/dress shirt is mostly plain, whereas casual shirts have more funky prints such as floral patterns or abstract designs as well as checks and are often more vibrant in comparison, though of course there’s no objection to the lighter tones in casual wear. Suit yourself!
  3. Dress pants and formal shirts have an everlasting bond but casual shirts aren’t ever compatible with the former. A pair of colored denim jeans and casual shirts are a match made in the world of fashion.
  4. So where do you wear them boys? When you’re at a bonfire party in winters, where you can pull up a jacket over your casual shirt or if taking out a special someone to dine-in is on your weekend to-go list, you could always look effortlessly hot and debonair simultaneously in a casual shirt over a pair of colored denim and perhaps a blazer if it’s chilly.

Wait, it’s not over yet! Even casual shirts have a family tree you see. Front open shirts of course are a forever trend in casual fashion and are mostly half-sleeved or with roll-up sleeves. So get them open shirt designs at Ideas Man in many colors and prints. Next in popularity are denim shirts which we’re sure every man might agree, are a man’s fashion forte. Yes we haven’t forgotten to address the issue of wear to find the best casual shirts for men. Right here at Ideas Man!

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Polo shirt: a man’s “forever”

They say a woman can’t have too many shoes? Well guess what? A man may have a closet flooded with polo shirts and he still won’t be satisfied because the minute he’ll lay eyes on a different one, he’ll make sure there’s room for one more in the wardrobe.

Okay we’ll just skip the dramatic description and not creep anyone out. To put it in a nutshell, polo shirts are a casual-wardrobe staple, something that gets you through almost any semi-formal/casual event so you don’t walk out as a fashion tragedy.

Just to fill you guys in a little, polo shirts as the name suggests, originated from the polo game and became popular in the 19th century. During the latter of the 20th Century however, polo shirt became the standard attire for golfers.

Featuring collars and a placket neck line with two or three buttons in the front and sometimes a pocket as well, polo shirts are a man’s go-to, even to work when you don’t need to meet the big guy (the CEO), an X factor which adds to the versatility of these shirts.

Going to a family brunch on a Sunday or heading out for a reunion with your college boys, heck you can even pull off a polo on a casual lunch date with your significant other, just remember to choose well (the polo we mean). Just pair this short shirt with the right jeans and voila, you are good to go!

Take our word for it, don’t forget to check out the massive variety of polo shirts at Ideas Man. From striking to mellow colors and immaculate styling, it’s all at one place.

Tees: the comfort zone

We’ve saved the best for last and though tee-shirts aren’t as versatile as the polo shirts or casual/semi-formal wear, they are the head of the casual family. Bye bye collars! Tee-shirts are commonly round or V-necked, occasionally with a button or two over the neckline and are a man’s swagger forever!

For any body type, lean or chubby, tee-shirts have zero favoritism. As soon as you get back from saying yes all day to the boss or even if you are the boss yourself, just throw those formals aside and pull over a tee-shirt and boy will you feel free! Pull over a jacket when you’re stepping out in winters but when it’s time to beat the heat, the combo of a pair of shorts and shirt have no comparison!

So whether you’re browsing for the most happening casual shirts, a classic polo or a bunch of comfy Tees, just sit back, relax and place your orders for free shipping all across Pakistan and also enjoy up to 70% off!